Snowman Crafts for Kids

Snowman crafts for kids are almost as much fun as making a real snowman. Most of them are quick and easy to do.

Start with almost anything round, paint it white, and add eyes, a mouth, carrot nose and a scarf. For extra fun add a pipe, stick arms with mittens, or a broom.

Snowman Fridge

Make large features and put magnets on the back to make a fun snowman fridge.

Clay Pot Snowman

With some clay pots and paint, kids can make a cute clay pot snowman.

Button Snowman

Kids can craft a quick button snowman with buttons, ribbon, and felt or craft foam, to use as a magnet or pin.

Snowman Pin

Paint a wine cork white and add pom poms for ear muffs. The finger from a knit glove will make a cute hat. Add a pin back or magnet to finish your snowman pin.

Spiral Snowman Ornament

Very cute and very easy spiral snowman ornament, just draw a spiral on white cardstock and cut out. Add a few details and he’s done.

Snowman Factory

Have a snowman factory: cut a chain of paper snow people, then add faces and colorful clothes. Join chains together to hang across a room.

Pony Bead Snowman

Use pony beads and ribbon or cord to make this very easy pony bead snowman.

Craft Stick Snowman

Paint and decorate a craft stick to make this easy craft stick snowman.

Another craft stick snowman.

Snowflake Snowman

Using plastic snowflakes, felt and glitter, kids can create a snowflake snowmanfor more snowman crafts for kids.

Gimme a Hug Snowman

To create a gimme a hug snowman, cover a styrofoam ball with instant paper mache and add features, plus two stick arms with mittens.

Snow Ball Men

Paint styrofoam balls white and glue on easy features to make clever snow ball men.

Styrofoam Snowman

Glue 2 styrofoam balls together to make a styrofoam snowman, and dress it up with felt, fabric, and pipe cleaners.

Mini Glitter Snowman

Kids can make a cute mini glitter snowman with a glittered ball, pipe cleaners, and pom palms.

Paper Mache Snowman

To make more snowman crafts for kids, use paper mache on balloons to make this paper mache snowman. Vary the balloon size to alter the snowman size.

Spoon Snowman

Make a spoon snowman with a white plastic spoon, construction paper and felt.

PomPom Snowman

This soft and fluffy pompom snowman almost looks as though he is made of snow!

More pom-pom snowmen!

Pencil Snowman

A pencil snowman is a fun way to decorate a pencil. This would be an easy project for a child to make for his/her friends.

Snowman Pencil Topper

To create a snowman pencil topper you will need Christmas pencils and styrofoam balls.

Snow Family Finger Puppets

Decorate each finger of a white glove as a separate snowman to make Snow Family finger puppets.

Paper Tube Snowman

Cover a paper tube with textured white paint, make a face, and finish with hat and scarf for a paper tube snowman.

Snowman Bookmarks

Made from construction paper, these snowman bookmarks could be made from sturdier craft foam.

Snowman Mobile

This dangling snowman mobile is made with white poster board and craft scraps.

Super Snowman Magnet

Make a super snowman magnet with craft foam, wiggle eyes, and buttons. You can make him as big as the sheet of foam.

Footprint Snowman T-Shirt

Paint the sole of your child’s food white and carefully press it onto a dark colored tee shirt with the heel near the neckline. To finish your footprint snowman t-shirt, let your child draw on the features with a permanent marker.

Snowman Ideas

There are several snowman crafts for kids here to be crafted in different ways.


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