Snowman Christmas Crafts

Snowman Christmas crafts are fun and easy to make. Even very small youngsters can help make them.

Anything round is ideal for snowman crafts: paper plates, styrofoam balls, circles, cans, jars, pom poms, and dowels. Once snowman features are added, even blocks, rectangular pieces, and stuffed shapes look exactly like snowmen.

Features can be added with markers, buttons, construction paper, cotton balls, googly eyes, felt, craft foam, and many other craft items.

Be sure to think about adding arms, mittens, hats, scarves, boots, or a pipe to complete a snowman.

And snowman Christmas crafts aren’t complete without some glitter, a bit of holly or poinsettia, bells, and lots of red and green.

Here are some links to get you started.

Snowman Crafts for Toddlers

Simple snowman crafts for very young children.

Preschool Snowman Crafts

Fun and easy preschool snowman crafts.

Snowman Crafts for Kids

Snowman crafts for kids use all kinds of fun crafting supplies.

Snowman Soup Craft

Fun ways to package and give snowman soup craft gifts.

Snowman Ornaments

Make fun and creative snowman ornaments.


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