Recycle Christmas Cards

As soon as Christmas is over we try to find new ways to recycle Christmas cards.

Every year we send out dozens (or more) of Christmas cards and receive dozens in return.

The cards are too beautiful, and often too costly, to just throw in the trash. So we look for ways to reuse them.

Recycled Christmas Card Ornament by Crafty Journal

I have found some really clever and unique ways to give these Christmas cards a second life.

Now you can enjoy giving and receiving greeting cards of all kinds, knowing that you will be reusing them in a new form.

Greeting Card Houses

Make clever greeting card houses from your old holiday cards.

Used Christmas Card Ornaments

Recycle your holiday cards into used Christmas card ornaments.

Greeting Card Gift Boxes

Create unique greeting card gift boxes to hold your small gifts.

Gift Wrap with Recycled Christmas Cards

Creative ways to gift wrap with recycled Christmas cards.

Used Christmas Card Crafts for Kids

Create these fun and different used Christmas card crafts for kids.

Used Christmas Card Ideas

Used Christmas Card Ideas for Christmas decor and other craft projects.

Recycled Christmas Cards

Clever, fun ideas for using recycled Christmas cards.


Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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