Pumpkin Crafts for Toddlers

Pumpkin crafts for toddlers are easy and fun to do.

With just a few craft supplies and items you already have, your toddler can have fun getting ready for Halloween.

Paper Plate Jack-O-Lantern.

To craft a paper plate Jack-O-Lantern, paint the bottom of a paper plate orange. Glue on black cut-outs for eyes and mouth, and add a stem.

Apple Print Pumpkins

Cut an apple in half and use it to stamp orange apple print pumpkins. Dip finger or thumb in green paint to make the stem.

Play Dough Pumpkins

Use this play dough recipe to make orange and green play dough. Then use the orange to make a pumpkin and green to make the face and stem for play dough pumpkins.

CRAZY Pumpkins

Use markers or paint to color craft sticks orange. Glue them together with a craft stick or 2 across the back (or onto a piece of cardboard). Make crazy pumpkins faces with black markers.

Pumpkin Door Decoration

For a pumpkin door decoration, cut pumpkins out of construction paper or cardstock and decorate. Glue in a row to string or yarn, and hang on doorknob.

Pumpkin Magnetic Dolls

Make these fun pumpkin magnetic dolls to put on your refrigerator. Even the youngest kids will enjoy playing with them.

Hide the Pumpkin Game

Make some simple pumpkins with craft foam and take turns hiding them, to play the Hide the Pumpkin Game. Toddlers will love this game.

Felt Jack-O-Lanterns

Cut round pumpkin shapes from orange felt and several different Jack-O-Lantern facial features from black felt. Your toddler can have fun making different fun felt Jack-O-Lanterns.


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