Preschool Pumpkin Crafts

Preschool pumpkin crafts are an especially fun activity for youngsters.

Halloween is a favorite holiday for most kids, and it is much more fun for them when they are able to make their own crafts to celebrate it.

These ideas are quick and easy and look great when finished. Enjoy helping your child make preschool pumpkin crafts.

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Pool Noodle Jack-o-Lantern

Slice an orange pool noodle into several pieces to make Pool Noodle Jack-O-Lanterns.

Pool Noodle Jack-O-Lantern by Crafty Journal

Pool Noodle Jack-O-Lantern

Peek A Boo Ghost

Use craft foam, stiff felt, or card stock to create a fun Peek A Boo Ghost for little ones.

Crafty Journal - Peek A Boo Ghost

Peek A Boo Ghost

Jack O Lantern Finger Puppet

Kids can create their own face on this easy craft foam Jack O Lantern Finger Puppet.

Crafty Journal - Jack O Lantern Finger Puppet

Jack O Lantern Finger Puppet

Milk Jug Jack O Lantern

Recycle a milk jug into this easy Jack O Lantern.

Crafty Journal - Milk Jug Jack O Lantern

Milk Jug Jack O Lantern

Pumpkin Change a Face

Scroll down for this clever idea. For a pumpkin change a face, cover a paper pumpkin with contact paper and make changeable features to put on with velcro.

Stitched Giant Pumpkins

Make these stitched giant pumpkins with orange butcher paper and sticky back craft foam. Stitch with narrow black ribbon.

Pumpkin Tissue Paper Painting

Use the cheap tissue paper for this pumpkin tissue paper painting. Wet the tissue paper to get the color. Neat idea.

Painted Pumpkin

Get a miniature pumpkin and let your youngster paint it or make a face with markers.

Little Yarn Pumpkin

Just wrap orange yarn around cardboard and tie it together with a brown pipe cleaner to make a little yarn pumpkin. Clever, quick and cute.

Cute Little Pumpkin

With a styrofoam ball, orange tissue paper and glue, you can make a cute little pumpkin.

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater is made with orange construction paper and a brass fastener. Very cute idea.

Pumpkin Printed Halloween Treat Bags

Cut a potato to make pumpkin stamps and stamp on a cloth bag to make pumpkin printed Halloween treat bags. You could use the same stamp to print pumpkins on lunch size sacks for treat bags.

Easy Jack-O-Lantern

Here is an easy Jack-O-Lantern made from a paper bag, that preschoolers will have fun making.

You could make several of these and use them for Halloween favors bags.

More preschool pumpkin crafts.

Torn Paper Jack-O-Lanterns

Here’s a cute and easy torn paper Jack-O-Lantern preschoolers will love making with a paper plate and construction paper.

Pumpkin Votive

Preschoolers will love doing this easy pumpkin votive which is tissue paper glued to a glass jar or container.

Jack-O-Lantern Pinata

Newspapers, a balloon and colored crepe paper and construction paper will make this very cute pinata. Even preschoolers can do this easy project.

Pumpkin Nailing

Pound nails into a pumpkin and then wind twine around the nails in an interesting pattern, for pumpkin nailing.

Pumpkin Block Heads

Use any size or shape of scrap wood to make this very cute pumpkin.

Super Easy Marshmallow Pumpkins

Cut marshmallows in half and roll in orange sugar to make fun super easy marshmallow pumpkins.

Pumpkin Lollipop Cover

Youngsters will enjoy making this pumpkin lollipop cover. Cover a lollipop with a square of fabric (or crepe paper) and add a face with a black marker. (This loads slowly, but it’s cute.)

Pumpkin Lollipops

Preschoolers will require some adult help for these lollipops, but they will love eating the finished product! They’re made with lifesavers or other hard candy.

5 Little Pumpkins

5 Little Pumpkins done with craft sticks – and 5 Black Crows are here, also.

5 Little Pumpkins

A craft to make with construction paper to go with the 5 Little Pumpkins poem.

Thankful Pumpkin

This video shows how to paint a paper plate orange, add some leaves and write what you are thankful for on the leaves and on the plate.

Egg Carton Jack O’ Lantern

Preschoolers can paint a section of an egg carton orange and make a face on it, to make an egg carton Jack O’ Lantern.

Pumpkin Printables

Find many pumpkin printables – crafts and activities here.

Use these preschool pumpkin crafts to keep your youngsters busy while waiting for Halloween.


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