Preschool Mothers Day Crafts

By Noreen Doll.

Even very small children will want to make preschool Mothers Day crafts. It’s a nice opportunity for children to show Mom how much she is loved.

Preschool Mother's Day Crafts by Crafty Journal

Lollipop Bouquet


There are lots of fun, easy gift ideas that preschoolers can make with a little help.

Moms cherish the very special handmade crafts they receive from their children and preschool Mothers Day crafts can be really cute and dear.

There are several preschool Mothers Day gift ideas that could be adapted for toddlers as well.

For more preschool Mothers Day crafts ideas, see Mothers Day crafts for kids.

Handmade Mother’s Day Brooch

The preschooler draws a happy face flower and an adult sews the drawing onto felt to make this special Mother’s Day Brooch.

Bottle Cap Brooch

Using glue, glitter, a photo, and a bottle cap, preschoolers can make Mom a bottle cap brooch.

Model Magic Necklace

Mold small shapes with Model Magic, make holes in them and let dry. Paint and string this model magic necklace on a pretty ribbon for Mom or Grandma.

Clay Bead Necklace

Preschoolers can create beads using colored non-toxic clay (don’t forget to make holes), and then string them after they dry. Every preschooler knows Moms love jewelry, and this clay bead necklace is perfect!

Matchbox Locket

Preschoolers can make this easy Mother’s Day matchbox locket with a photo inside. They may need a bit of help with the embellishments.

Make it even more special – have your child make a thumbprint flower on the front.

Bead Bracelet

With some nice beads and a pipe cleaner, kids can make an attractive bead bracelet for Mom or Grandma. (This website wasn’t available.)

Jewelry Boxes for Mother’s Day

Here are some ideas for a jewelry box that Mom will love. Read the first paragraph for one idea.

Glitter Glue Jewelry Box

To make a glitter glue jewelry box, decorate a cardboard or wooden box with glitter glue – the more colors the better!

More Preschool Mothers Day Crafts

Breakfast Tray or Lap Desk

Use this idea to decoupage a special kid created message onto a breakfast tray or lap desk for Mom or Grandma. It’s sure to please!

Stamped Dish Towels

Kids can make stamps with foam shapes and then stamp designs onto a dish towel for Mom. Or stamp their hand prints on a dish towel. (This link went to this website that wasn’t available.)

Handprint Hot Pads

Buy some plain hot pads and help your child make a handprint on one side and let him/her draw on the other.

Refrigerator Clip

Kids can paint a paint stir stick and glue on decorated clothespins. Add a magnet strip to the back and it will be a great refrigerator clip to display kids’ art work.

Jeweled Votive Candleholder

To create a jeweled votive candleholder, preschoolers can glue oval jewels all over a glass jar, brush with glue, and add glitter. Add a votive candle.

Terracotta Candle Holder

Preschoolers can make a terracotta candle holder. Use glue and lots of glitter on a terracotta pot, and then add small stones before setting a tea light candle inside.

Beautiful Mother’s Day Candle

Paint a pillar type candle with Mod Podge and then roll in Epsom Salts. Let dry, wrap in cellophane and tie with a bow to make a beautiful Mother’s Day candle.

Paper Mache Bowl

Wrap a bowl with plastic wrap and glue newspaper strips all over it. After it dries, paint your paper mache bowl.

Recipe Holder

Using craft sticks and clothespins, toddlers can make an easy recipe holder.

Photo Preschool Mothers Day Crafts

Recipe or Photo Holder

Scroll down for recipe holder made with a painted terra cotta pot, silk flowers, and a fork.

Use an inexpensive metal fork from the dollar store and bend the tines slightly. If you use a plastic fork and it breaks, you can’t replace it in the hardened plaster of paris.

Mom Photo Holder

Paint and decorate craft sticks and a paper ring for a photo frame. Add child’s photo to finish.

Magnetized Photo Frame

For a magnetized photo frame, use a wood or craft foam heart shape with a cut-out in the center. Paint and glitter the front and add a clothespin and magnet to the back after attaching a photo.

Love Note Flip-book

Make a love note flip-book for Mom to let her know all the ways she is special. If your youngster is to young to write, let him/her draw pictures. They are just as loved.

Plaster Handprints

Kids can paint a wooden frame before pouring Plaster of Paris into the frame to make the handprint.

Mom’s Placemat

Make a special placemat for Mom to let her know how much she is loved.

Special Words Pencil Holder

Paste special words all over a recycled can to make a special words pencil holder. That special word could be: MOM.

Flower Preschool Mothers Day Crafts

Fingerprint Flower Vase

Have a child make flowers with painted fingertips all over a recycled glass jar to make a fingerprint flower vase.

Felt Flower Magnets

Felt flower magnets are made with wooden spoons, to which felt flowers with buttons and rick rack have been added.

Flowers for Mom

Easy to make flowers for Mom using paper, glue and a button.

Mother’s Day Pipe Cleaner Bouquet

Follow picture to make a Mother’s Day pipe cleaner bouquet with colorful pipe cleaners.

Construction Paper Flowers

Cut flower shapes from construction paper or craft foam and glue a pom pom in the center. Glue a straw to the back for a stem.

Painted Pots

Kids can paint peat pots and then add soil and flowers or seeds.

Flower Door Stop

To make a flower door stop, paint a coffee can and fill with sand. Attach lid and poke flowers (either kid made or silk ones) through the lid into the sand.

Most of these preschool Mothers Day crafts could be made in a classroom or with a small group of children.


Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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  1. I teach TK at our local preschool and I’m always looking for new ideas. These are creative and my favorite is the bed tray idea. Definately will be bookmarking these for future crafts for my kiddos.

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  4. Jann Olson says:

    Kids love making Mother’s Day gifts! Thanks for sharing these great ideas with SYC.

  5. What great ideas. I think my favorite is the glitter box. I’m a sucker for anything sparkly!

    Thanks for sharing at my Grandma Ideas Sharing Time link up.


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