Preschool Easter Bunny Crafts

Fun preschool Easter bunny crafts will keep young children busy and creative.

Have these Easter craft ideas handy for when your youngster has an urge to create.

Paper Plate Pop Up Bunny

Preschoolers can create a Paper Plate Pop Up Bunny with a bit of help.

Easy Paper Plate Pop Up Bunny by Crafty Journal

Paper Plate Pop Up Bunny


Bunny Hop Finger Puppet

Preschoolers can create and play with this easy Bunny Hop Finger Puppet.

Bunny Hop Finger Puppet - Crafty Journal

Bunny Hop Finger Puppet

Pom-Pom Easter Rabbit

Preschoolers will have fun making this pom-pom Easter rabbit using a big white pom-pom, felt, and wiggly eyes. After he’s finished , put him in a plastic egg.

Another pom-pom Easter bunny.

Pompom Bunnies

Preschoolers can make easy pompom bunnies if you have the parts ready for them. The ears and feet could also be made from paper.

Mini Bunnies

Preschoolers can craft easy mini bunnies with cotton balls, Q tips, and google eyes.

Easter Bunny Stick Puppet

From cardstock cut 2 hearts and 2 ears. Draw a face on one and glue on ears. Glue hearts together at points and add a stick or straw to the back for an Easter Bunny stick puppet.

Paper Plate Easter Bunny

Make a paper plate Easter bunny with two small paper plates, cotton balls, and wiggly eyes.

More paper plate Easter bunnies.

Bunny Paper Chain

Cut out lots of these easy bunnies and then link them together to make this fun bunny paper chain. All you need are paper, pencil and scissors.

Bunny Craft Foam Visor

With craft foam, pompoms and pipe cleaners, preschoolers can make this fun easy bunny craft foam visor.

CD Bunny

Make a CD bunny with felt or craft foam, pipe cleaners, and a pompom.

Can Easter Bunny

Paint a recycled can white and add foam ears and feet, google eyes and a pompom nose to make an easy can Easter bunny.

Bunny Pencil Topper

Craft a bunny pencil topper with pompoms, pipe cleaners and wiggly eyes.

Easter Bunny Goo Goo Googles

Craft this cardstock (or craft foam) bunny goo goo googles for fun with your youngster.

Bunny Mask

Preschoolers can paint a paper plate pink (or blue), and add ears and a nose to make a bunny mask.

Bunny Ears

Make quick bunny ears with poster board and construction paper.


Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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