Preschool Christmas Crafts Ornaments

Making easy preschool Christmas crafts ornaments is a great way for youngsters to help prepare for the holiday.

If you craft with your children, you probably already have many of the necessary materials at hand.

Plan ahead and have your supplies ready before you start to craft so that there will be no delays and loss of interest by your child.

Have fun helping your child create these preschool Christmas crafts ornaments, and enjoy the resulting keepsakes.

Be sure to look at the other Christmas pages for crafts that preschoolers can do. There are many crafts that a small child can do or that can be adapted.

Hershey Kiss Mice

Use Hershey kisses and felt to make these darling Hershey Kiss mice.

Candy Tree

A very easy tree that requires a green pipe cleaner (chenille stem) and a soft wrapped candy. Be sure to check ingredients for peanut allergy kids.

Jingle Bell Stick

Children will love using this fun Jingle Bell Stick after they have made it. You need a popsicle stick, pipe cleaner and a bell.

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

These snowflakes, cut from coffee filters, are colored with watercolors.

Smiley Snowflake Ornament

Make this smiley snowflake ornament from white craft foam (or buy already cut out snowflakes) and google eyes. Easy for preschoolers if you use the pre-cut craft foam flakes you can buy.

Craft Spoon Snowman

Paint this craft spoon snowman white and use markers or felt scraps to decorate.

Gingerbread Man Ornaments

Make a batch of these gingerbread man ornaments using paper bags, markers, and glitter.

If your child is not proficient with scissors, you can precut them for her/him. Use a gingerbread cookie cutter for a template.

Reindeer Ornament

This wood heart reindeer ornament is painted brown with added details. A preschooler could make it if you cut hearts from brown craft foam.

Fun Foam Stars

These fun foam stars could be made by preschoolers. An adult could cut the parts out and let the kids decorate them.

Pony Bead Wreath

Very young children can string pony beads on a pipe cleaner to make this pretty wreath. An adult will need to help a little.

Bead Ornaments

Preschoolers should be able to make these bead ornaments with pony beads and pipe cleaners – and a little adult help. Little ones love to string beads! And you can choose your own Christmas shapes.

Super Easy Ornaments

Pipe cleaners and pony beads are all you will need for these simple designs. Preschoolers may need a little help making the shapes.

Button Wreath

Young kids can string buttons in their favorite colors. They will need a little adult help to finish it. (And to make sure they don’t eat the buttons!)

Button Asterisk

Popsicle sticks and buttons make this colorful project easy for preschoolers.

Craft Stick Christmas Tree

Youngsters can put this ornament together with craft sticks, paint, and sequins to decorate it.

Christmas Tree

For a Christmas tree, cut green triangles to make a tree and add sequins and other decorations.

Felt Christmas Trees

Cut 2, and your preschooler can glue the edges together and lightly stuff and decorate this tree. Tie a ribbon or thread through the top and it’s ready to hang.

Christmas Craft Foam Decorations

Make any Christmas shape with craft foam and craft sticks for these Christmas craft foam decorations. Cookie cutters make great shapes to stamp or trace.

Preschool Christmas crafts ornaments are fun for kids to make while waiting for Christmas.


Noreen Doll

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