Playhouses for Kids

Kids love to crawl into and hide in dark places. Use playhouses for kids ideas to create a special place for your child.

Make an elaborate cardboard or styrofoam house or castle, or just throw a sheet over a card table to make a cave. Whatever you make, a young child will enjoy playing in it.

Look below for some creative playhouses for kids ideas for building a special place for your special child.

Fabric Play Houses

Shop Around Felt Playhouse

Kids will love this Shop Around Felt Playhouse, which has a different store on each side. There are cute activities kids can do on each side, in addition to playing store.

Click on Tutorials at the top of the page to find links to directions for all the sides.

Playtime Teepee

Stitch fabric for the covering and put it over PVC pipes to make a fun playtime teepee for kids.

Twin Sheet Teepee

All you need to make a twin sheet teepee tent is the sheet, some PVC pipes or dowels, and rope or twine. Your kids will love this.


This tepee is made with electrical conduit pipes and outdoor upholstery.


Create a Southwest Fiesta teepee with dowels and a drop cloth.

Backyard Tepee

Use PVC pipes and a canvas tarp to make a backyard tepee.

Child’s Tent

With fabric and bamboo garden posts (or PVC pipes) make this great child’s tent.

Army Card Table Playhouse

Stitch an army card table playhouse  with camouflage fabric.

Army Bunker Tent

For a great army bunker tent, make a PVC pipe frame to sit on top of your dining room table, then follow the tutorial to make a cover with a camoflage color twin sheet set. Folds up to fit in a pillow case size bag.

Bunk Bed Fort

Create a fun, easy bunk bed fort with fabric.

Fort Kit

Give kids the parts to create their own unique fort in this clever fort kit. Includes rope, clothespins, clamps, sheets, flashlight, and suction cups.

Duffle Bag for Fort Kit

Denim fabric or a drop cloth are the perfect fabric for a fort kit duffle bag. 

Classic Card Table Tent – with Variations

Detailed instructions on creating a classic card table tent, with variations for suiting it to your child’s interests.

Card Table Playhouse Tips

There are simple guidelines here for making a card table playhouse.

Here is a picture of the English Cottage Playhouse described above.

Felt Playhouse

This fantastic felt playhouse fits over a dining room table. It has dozens of play features all around the outside, such as a mailbox and removable vegetables and flowers.

Card Table Play House

Sew fabric to fit over a card table to make a fun card table play house.

Here’s another one.

Card Table Tent

Use fabric (or a sheet) to make a simple card table tent.

Felt Playhouse

Craft a felt playhouse with lots of fun details.

Felt Playhouse

Make a felt playhouse with lots of fun activities.

Cardboard Buildings

Cardboard Playhouse

Make a cardboard playhouse from a large box with duct tape, glue and paint.

Watermelon Box House

Make a sturdy play house with a watermelon box.

Cardboard Playhouse

Start with a big box to make this cute  cardboard playhouse.

Cardboard Playhouse Plans

Downloadable cardboard playhouse plans for building an easy playhouse.

Life Size Gingerbread House

Create a life size gingerbread house complete with a gingerbread man, using a large box.

Felt and Cardboard Castle

Stitch this felt and cardboard castle to use with clothespin figures.

Find princes, princesses and soldiers here.

Giant Cardboard Rocket Ship

Using a very large potato or watermelon box, craft this giant cardboard rocket ship for your kids to play in.

Kid’s Ice Cream Shop

Use a refrigerator box to make this kid’s ice cream shop. Or use it as a fast food restaurant. Fun for kids.

Homemade Toy Carwash

With a cardboard box and some foam sheets, you can make a clever homemade toy carwash.


Cardboard Castle

Build your own Cardboard castle using these ideas.

Cardboard Castle

Create this elaborate cardboard box castle!

Cardboard Box Castle

Turn a plain box into a cardboard box castle.

Cardboard Castle Kids Playhouse

Use 3 large boxes to make a cardboard castle kids playhouse.


Noreen Doll

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