Photo Tile Gifts

Photo tile gifts are really easy to make with great results.

Any size tile can be used for this interesting and creative craft.

You could make a series of 4×4 or 6×6 tiles, each with a different member of your family on it.

They could be used to make and interesting wall decoration, or arranged on a fireplace mantel, or piano top.

Any size tile can be framed after a photo is added, although a very large tile would be too heavy to hang.

Or reduce the size of the photo and put it on a 2×2 tile and make it into a refrigerator magnet.

Old Family Photo Tile Magnet

photo tile magnet

Old Family Photo Magnet

Family Photo Tile

Attach a special family photo to a 6×6 ceramic tile to create this great family photo tile gift.

Photo Tile

There is a tutorial here, but no photo, for making a photo tile using a family photo.

Photo Tiles

These photo tiles were made for Valentine gifts, but you could make them for any gift giving occasion.

Photograph Tiles

Attach photos to 2×2 (or other size) wood tiles to make photograph tiles.

Photo Plate

For this photo plate, attach a photo to the back of the plate and then attach fabric over it.

Little Hanging Coaster Album

Use 3 1/2 inch square chipboard coasters to attach photos to for a little hanging coaster album. Then string them together with ribbon to hang.

Altered Ceramic Tile Project

A 12×12 tile can be used like a scrapbook page to create an interesting display.

Photo Tile Coasters

Photo tile coasters are easy and fun to make and can be given to everyone in the family.

Photo Tile Coaster Gift

Photo Tiles

Photo Coasters


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