Papercraft Christmas Ornaments

Papercrafts are very popular now and papercraft Christmas ornaments are usually easy to make.

Because Christmas ornaments are so small, you can frequently use up paper scraps when making them.

So dig out your paper scraps and try a few of these fun papercraft Christmas ornaments.

Scraps of your sturdier Christmas wrapping paper would work for some of these decorations, too.

If you need to do any folding, it is easier and more accurate if you score the paper where the folds will be.

Easy Paper Ornaments

Use old Christmas cards or pretty decorative paper to cut circles. Follow the easy tutorial to finish your pretty ornaments.

Paper Strip Heart

Use leftover strips of paper for this easy to make heart.

Cute Birdhouse Ornament

There is a printable pattern for this birdhouse, which looks easy to assemble and finish.

Norwegian Woven Paper Hearts

This traditional Norwegian ornament is quick to put together and only requires paper.

Paper Lucky Stars

Every Christmas tree needs stars. Origami ones are easy to make with paper strips.

Chinese Lanterns

Easy and quick to make paper lanterns. Make a chain of them. Make them larger or smaller.

Victorian Paper Cone

I love the old-fashioned look of a Victorian paper cone. Make one with delicate paper and adorn it with ribbons and beads. It would make a great gift, too.

Vintage Cone

Vintage Paper Cone

Victorian Christmas Ornament

Old Christmas cards would be perfect for finding pictures to use on this quick craft.

Victorian Christmas Ornaments

Victorian Ornament

Folded Wreath

These wreaths use small scraps of paper – a great way to use up your scraps. Try making them from bits of wrapping paper.

Printable Paper Ornaments

Print these ornaments and follow the directions to make pretty tree decorations.

Easy Snowflake Paper Cutting Patterns

Here are some fun and easy snowflake paper cutting patterns, visit Tongs Paper Cutting.

Snowflake Ornament

A nice origami snowflake idea that lets you use your pretty patterned paper.

Delicate Rosettes

Make these paper rosettes and sprinkle them with glitter for sparkle.

Pretty Quilled Snowflake

Follow the tutorial to make these pretty paper snowflakes.

Paper Ornament

Try this easy paper ornament with markers or colored pencils and glue.

Or try the punched paper ornament here.

Paper ornaments

Here are a few easy to make ornaments, using paper scraps. The mini tin with the penguin could have a photo instead.


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