Paper Plate Pop Up Christmas Tree

by Noreen Doll.

Kids can make this easy paper plate pop up Christmas tree to set on a mantel or shelf, or to use as a centerpiece.


With stickers, markers or crayons, and a paper plate, kids can have fun creating a Christmas tree.

This would be a great classroom or party project, as older kids can complete it pretty much on their own.

What you need

Paper Plate

Crayons, Markers or Paint

Paper or Craft Foam Stickers

Sticky Back Felt for Kids to Cut Their Own Tree Trims (optional)




What you do

1. With the paper plate right side up, fold the bottom edge toward the top edge less than half way – as shown.

2. On the larger half of the bottom side of the plate, mark the center at the top and at the fold, and draw a light line to show the center.

3. Using the center line as a guide, draw a Christmas tree so it is pretty centered on the large half of the plate. It doesn’t need to be perfect.

Make the tree trunk nice and wide.

4. On the bottom side of the plate, color the tree green and the trunk brown or black.

It doesn’t matter if colors go outside the lines because that part will be cut off.

5. Cut around the tree and across the middle of the plate on the lines where it says cut (see above photo).

Do NOT cut across the bottom of the tree trunk.

6. Lay the plate flat with the green side of the tree up, and decorate it with stickers, stars, etc.

7. After the tree is all decorated, turn the plate right side up (with the green side of the tree face down) and at the base of the tree trunk, gently fold the paper plate pop up Christmas tree up and toward the plate half.

8. If the tree doesn’t lean back slightly, make the crease a little sharper – but not so much that the tree lays flat.

A paper plate pop up Christmas tree makes a cute decoration, and your kids will be proud of their creation!

9. The small wrapped gift box is made from a Christmas card using this gift box packaging tutorial.

I made it a one inch cube – the top is one inch square, and all the sides are 1 inch square. The box bottom is just slightly smaller to allow the top to slide on it easily.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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  1. This is great and something I could definitely do with the younger of my children; thanks for sharing.

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