Paper Plate Pop Up Chicks

by Noreen Doll.

Create a very easy paper plate pop up chick with just a few materials.

Toddlers can easily make this chick, which would be a great classroom party project.

What You Need

Paper Plate

Yellow Markers or Crayons

Tissue Paper

Black and Orange Craft Foam , Felt, or Card Stock


Glue or Double Sided Tape

What You Do

1. Turn the paper plate right side up and draw the shape shown below.

2. Cut out on the cut lines.

3. With the plate still right side up, color the chick.

If you happen to color the wrong side, just turn it over and color the other side.

4. Cut a beak from the orange felt or craft foam. It looks cuter if it is fairly large and wide.

This chick has a smaller beak.

Use glue or double sided tape to attach the beak slightly above the center of the chick.

5. Cut circles for eyes from the black card stock or craft foam. Or use wiggly eyes.

Try moving them around to see how you want them to look.

Attach the eyes just above the beak. They look better if they are fairly close together.

6. Turn the paper plate upside down and fold the chick gently back on the fold line.

You might have to crease it a little harder to get the paper plate pop up chick to stand up – but not so hard that it lays down backward.


1. Cut 2 inch squares from yellow tissue paper and crumple them.

Cover the front of the chick with glue and attach the crumpled squares over the entire body.

Attach the eyes and beak.j

2. Use yellow Easter grass to glue all over the chick.

3. Glue yellow feathers on the paper plate pop up chick for wings and a top knot.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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