Origami Dollar Bill Gift Box

By Noreen Doll

An origami dollar bill gift box makes a really fun gift wrap idea.

Recently I was giving money as a graduation gift and needed a creative way to wrap it.

When I found this idea for an origami dollar bill gift box, I knew it was perfect.

First I cut 2 pieces of paper the same size as a dollar bill and used them to learn how to do it. I didn’t want to mess up the new dollar bills learning how to fold them.

Then I used 2 new, crisp one dollar bills to make the actual box.

I used new bills for the money I was giving, as well, and folded it to fit inside the origami dollar bill gift box.

Because this was to be a gift for a boy, I tied it with rough string instead of ribbon.

I thought it made a great gift presentation.

The only thing I hadn’t considered was how fast the box would be dismantled after I gave it! Almost no one got to see it!

I would definitely use this idea again.

Look here for a tutorial on how to make the origami dollar bill gift box.

I found I needed this youtube tutorial as well to really understand how to fold the box.  Here’s another video for the origami dollar bill gift box.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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