No Sew Fingerless Gloves

By Noreen Doll.

(Look for my sewing version of fingerless gloves on Jewelry Making Journal.)

Make a quick pair of no-sew fingerless gloves from a pair of knee socks.

During cold weather, when I am working at my computer or crafting, my wrists and hands often get very cold.

Because I need my fingers free to type or craft, I can’t wear gloves for warmth.

And when I saw crafters were making arm and leg warmers for kids, I thought I’d make a pair for me.

You can buy a pair of knee sox at the Dollar Store for $1, or recycle a pair you already have.

Because I find it annoying to be always taking them off or putting them on, I just remove my thumb from the thumb hole and push the gloves up to my wrists whenever I need to have my hands free for something else.

Here’s how I did it.

What You Need

1 pair of Knee Socks

Pair of Scissors

Ruler, optional

What You Do

1. When you buy the knee socks, pull one onto your arm up to your elbow to be sure it won’t fit too tightly.

2. Lay the knee socks out in front of you with the foot on your right.

Cut off the foot of the sock just above the heel. Cut straight across.

3. Try the fingerless glove on to see where you want to put the hole. Or measure down 2 3/4 to 3 inches (or more, if you want more of your fingers covered) to the center of the hole.

No, I did NOT cut the hole through both thicknesses. I put a piece of white paper inside so you could see the hole better.

4. Make a small cut for the center of the hole, and then cut a VERY SMALL part of the sock away around the hole.

The hole will stretch a lot, so go for a smaller hole rather than a larger one.

It’s easy to remove a little more of the sock, but impossible to put any back on!

Try the no-sew fingerless glove on to see if the hole is large enough.

The pink glove is from a girl’s size knee sock, if you don’t want them quite so long.

These would make a great gift idea for kids, teens, crafters, and computer users.

5. Make the second glove the same way.

Hey! Sleeping bags! We can have a slumber party!

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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  1. You can also turn the foot part into a smaller/shorter version of the fingerless gloves by clipping off the toe and making a tiny snip in the heel for your thumb hole. =)

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