New Baby Girl Gift Basket

Putting together a new baby girl gift basket can be fun.

To find a basket for the gifts, check clearance sales, dollar stores, yard sales or second hand stores.

Clean the basket and spray paint it pink (or color of your choice).

Choose basket fillers from the following ideas, or with gifts from other pages on this site.

After you have arranged all the items to your satisfaction, it is fun to add a cute stuffed toy to the top or front.

Add a large pink or pink and white bow to one side of the handle and it is ready to give.

The new Mom can use the basket to hold extra diapers near the changing table, or to keep baby’s bath supplies all together.

Onesie Garments

Ruffle Butt Onesie

Stitch a cute ruffle butt onesie by adding 2 or 3 rows of ruffles to a onesie.

Ruffled Onesie & Matching Hat

Add a few ruffles to a plain onesie and a hat and have a ruffled onesie & matching hat.

Flower Ruffle Onesie

Add some flowers and a flower ruffle to make a flower ruffle onesie.

Onesie Dress

Gather a piece of fabric and stitch around the middle of a onesie to make a onesie dress.

Newborn Wrap Dress

Use a wrap shirt, fabric, ribbon and lace to make a sweet newborn wrap dress.

Heirloom Bloomers

Make these sweet heirloom bloomers with vintage handkerchiefs.

For Baby Girls Hair

Infant Nylon Headband

Craft an infant nylon headband for a little girl.

Ruffle Headband

Stitch an easy and comfortable ruffle headband from an old tshirt.

Baby Bloom Headband

Use small silk flowers and a plain headband to craft a  baby bloom headband.

Easy Baby Hair Clip

Use ribbon for the clip and felt to make a flower for an easy baby hair clip.

Baby Barrettes

To make baby barrettes, make bows with ribbon or felt and a cute button. Use velcro for the back for wispy baby hair. Be sure all parts are firmly attached and keep an eye on the baby while it’s being worn.

Cover Little Toes

Baby Booties

Stitch some of these super cute baby booties for a new baby girl. Made with faux leather, they will win smiles.

3 Seam Baby Booties

Stitch soft three seam baby booties.

Cutest Baby Shoes

Create these fun cutest baby shoes for a little girl.

Baby Booties

Quick easy baby booties are made with felt, fabric, and fusible web.

Baby Bonnets

Floral Hankie Baby Bonnet

Make a pretty floral hankie baby bonnet with a vintage floral hankie.

Fleece Baby Bonnet

Sew an easy fleece baby bonnet for cold weather.

Extra Baby Needs

Ribbon Pacifier Clip

Make a ribbon pacifier clip with ribbon, velcro, and mitten clips.

Pink Bibs

Stitch a bunch of cute pink bibs.

Baby Leg Warmers

Use this tutorial to change a pair of knee socks into some cute baby leg warmers.

Easy Peasy Burp Cloth

With a piece of flannel and coordinating fabric you can sew an easy peasy burp cloth.

Diaper Clutch/Changing Pad

Craft a quick easy diaper clutch/changing pad with a placemat, elastic and a button. Very handy for a new Mom.

You can select one gift from each category of baby items, along with several of the extra baby needs to make a special new baby girl gift basket.

It will be unique and special because each item is handmade.


Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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