Nativity Scene

Most of these Nativity Scene projects use easily obtained materials, many of which can be found around the house.

You can also substitute parts, such as using pill bottles or spools for bodies and pipe cleaners or craft sticks for arms.

Have fun creating these wonderful unique Nativity projects, and encourage your kids to get involved making them, too.


An interesting site about creches of all kinds.

Nativity Blocks

I love this idea! Use printables or stickers (I found packs of 2 sheets of Nativity stickers for $1 at Walmart) on wooden blocks. Seal the Nativity blocks and let toddlers have fun setting up (over and over) a Nativity scene.

Spool Doll Nativity

Very cute idea, this spool doll Nativity can be made with the help of kids (which will endear this set to you forever). It uses spools, doll head beads and fabric crafts.

Part 2:

Flower Pot Nativity

Use clay pots, wood pieces, pipe cleaners and other craft bits to make this flower pot Nativity.

Clay Pot Nativity

Use clay pots, wood doll head beads, paint and felt to make this clay pot Nativity.

Clay Pot Nativity

This has just 3 figures and is also a clay pot Nativity.

Terra Cotta Trio

Very easy terra cotta trio made with painted pots, head beads and bits of fabric.

Mini Nativity

Use Sculpy clay to make this Mini Nativity. Or you could use a salt dough recipe and paint the figures after they dry.

Salt Dough Nativity

A detailed tutorial on how to make the figures for a salt dough Nativity.

Country Nativity Set

Use wood doll bodies, wood spools and fabric scraps to make this very nice country Nativity set.

Create Your Own Creche

Make the stable with twigs and stitch the figures from fabric for a creative creche. Patterns and instructions included.

Nativity Scene

This Nativity scene was made with wooden ornaments.

Nativity Scene

Snowman Nativity is in one piece and uses small wood parts, fabric scraps and fiber-fill.

Nativity Wooden Shed

Easy instructions to make a small wooden shed for a Nativity scene.


Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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