Nativity Crafts

Nativity Crafts are a fun way for kids to learn the Christmas story.

Holy Family with Stable

Make this mini Nativity ornament with the Holy Family with Stable instructions.

Homemade Nativity

Use pipe cleaners, yarn and cotton balls to make the figures for this homemade Nativity.

Egg Carton Nativity

Kids can help make this egg carton Nativity that uses the cups from egg cartons for the body of the figures.

Christmas Nativity Scene

This set of Nativity printables has lots of ideas for using them: for felt board, puppets, coloring pages, or kids could just glue their own scene on a piece of card stock.

Printable Nativity Advent

Print this printable Nativity Advent and cut out. Glue to cardboard (cereal boxes would work) to make it sturdy.

Handmade Nativity Scene

For this handmade Nativity scene the figures are paper cups and styrofoam balls, and the stable is a cardboard box. Great project for kids.

Cardboard Nativity

Use paper tubes to make the figures for this cardboard Nativity.

Printable Nativity Paper Dolls

Kids can have fun making these printable Nativity paper dolls and changing the scene.

Printable Nativity Scene

This printable Nativity scene comes in color or black and white. Print, cut, fold and set up.

Printable Nativity Manger

Print this Nativity manger, glue it to cardboard, color and cut out.


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