Mothers Day Crafts for Toddlers

By Noreen Doll.

Mothers Day crafts for toddlers are perfect for even the very youngest children, who like to give Mom something special they have made themselves.

These Mothers Day crafts for toddlers have lots of easy ideas for toddler gifts to make for Mom.

Don’t forget to look at preschool Mothers Day crafts and Mothers Day crafts for kids for other ideas you may be able to use or adapt for your toddler.

Notepaper Toddlers Can Make for Mom

This notepaper toddlers can make for Mom is very easy for toddlers to do and produces a very nice and useful Mother’s Day gift.

Toddler Notepaper

Notepaper Toddlers Can Make for Mom

Origami Box Using Kids Art

Use kids art work to make these one of a kind origami box using kids art for Mom and Grandma. Even the youngest kids can color a sheet of paper for a box.

kids origami box

Origami Box Using Kids Art

Heart Flowers

An adult can cut out the flowers and leaves and the toddler can draw a face and glue them on a jumbo craft stick to make heart flowers for Mom.

Mother’s Day Flowers

Have your toddler color some sheets of colored construction paper for Mother’s Day Flowers. Cut them into strips to make paper flowers with the child’s photo in the center. Glue tissue paper onto a clear plastic cup for the vase.

Fingerprint Daisy Bookmark

Create a fingerprint daisy bookmark using your toddler’s fingerprints to make daisies.

Fingerprint Pendant

Capture your toddler’s fingerprint in clay, let harden and string on a ribbon or chain to make a fingerprint pendant for Mom or Grandma.

Handprint Tiles

Help a toddler make a handprint using paint on a white tile for handprint tiles for Mom.

Froggie Photo Frame

To make a froggie photo frame, cut styrofoam in a frog shape, paint and add a child’s photo.

Dotted Flower Pot & Handprint Frame

Toddlers or Preschoolers can paint a flower pot with dots that can have a plant added to it.

Or make a double sided frame with a photo on one side and your child’s handprints on the other.

Framed Handprint Ideas

Here are a few ideas for framed handprints for Mom or Grandma.

Handprint Plaque

Help your kids make handprint plaques for parents and grandparents. Make a simple flour and salt dough and add handprints to flattened shapes.

Tissue Paper Candle Holders

Glue tissue paper pieces to inexpensive glasses, then coat with more glue. Add tea lights to your tissue paper candle holders. (This website has been removed and I have no link to the creator of it.)

Baby Sock Sachet

To make a Baby Sock Sachet, toddlers can help fill a baby or toddler sock with dried flowers, then glue or stitch closed. Tie a pretty ribbon around the top. A sweet reminder.

Kiss Book

Put together a book and have preschooler or toddler kiss each page with lipstick on their lips. The child’s handprint and signature can also be added to the Kiss Book.

Noreen Doll

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