Mothers Day Crafts for Kids

By Noreen Doll.

Mother's Day Crafts for Kids by Crafty Journal

Kids enjoy making Mothers Day gifts, and Mothers Day crafts for kids are perfect for that.

Lollipop Bouquet - Crafty Journal

Lollipop Bouquet

These Mothers Day gift ideas are great for classroom projects or for any group crafts for kids to make for Mom.

Most of these Mothers Day crafts for kids can be made by the kids with little assistance.

For more Mothers Day crafts for kids, see Preschool Mothers Day crafts.

Quick Eyeglasses Holder

This Quick Eyeglasses Holder is a great beginning sewing project for kids.

Quick Eyeglasses Holder - Crafty Journal

Quick Eyeglasses Holder

Jewelry Ideas

Cameo Necklace

Add a copied photo to a metal rimmed key tag and then hang on a pretty ribbon to make a cameo necklace.

Hardware Locket

Put photos on each side of a brass hinge and run a wire through the top for a jump ring. Add a ball chain to your hardware locket.

Button Bracelet

Thread colored buttons onto colored beading elastic and add a photo to each one to make a button bracelet.

“My Mom’s the Best” Keychain

Kids can use colored and alphabet beads to make a My Mom’s the Best keychain.

Beaded Mom Keychain

Use mini pony beads and cord to create a beaded MOM keychain.

Mom Bracelet

For a Mom bracelet, paint wood hearts and write the letters MOM on 3 of the hearts. Glue the hearts to a circle of elastic.

I Love U Mom Pin

Use small foam hearts to create an I Love U Mom Pin and put the child’s photo behind. Add a pin and give to Mom or Grandma.

Scrabble Tile Pin

Glue scrabble tiles to spell LOVE, to a piece of cardboard. Glue a ribbon around the edge and add flowers to the top and a pin to the back for a Love pin for Mom.

Daisy Pin

Make a daisy pin with a smiling face on an artificial daisy for easy Mothers Day crafts for kids.

Flower Mothers Day Crafts for Kids

Milk Jug Flower

Recycle a milk jug into a colorful, durable milk jug flower.

Milk Jug Flower - Crafty Journal

Milk Jug Flower

Mothers Day Vase

Glue tissue paper pieces randomly all over a plastic jar or recycled can. Cut flower shapes from construction paper and add a pompom to the center. Glue a pipe cleaner to the back and put several flowers in your Mothers Day Vase along with shredded paper.

Pen Flower

Make a pen flower and stick it in some beans or popcorn in a decorated flower pot.

Tissue Paper Flower Topiary

For a tissue paper flower topiary, cut tissue paper into squares and crumple into balls and attach to a styrofoam ball. Put one end of a stick into the ball and the other into a foam base in a terracotta pot.

Paper Hearts and Flowers Bouquet

Punch or cut flower shapes and layer with a heart and another flower or circle shape. Tape to drinking straws and add to a decorated recycled can for a pretty hearts & flowers bouquet Or you can use craft foam or felt shapes.

Pipe Cleaner Flowers

Kids can make these easy pipe cleaner flowers and put in a decorated terra cotta pot or recycled can.

Paper Flower for Mom

Make several tissue paper circles in different colors to make a large paper flower for Mom. Dad can help with this one.

Coffee Filter Roses

Add a bit of food coloring to water and then put crumpled coffee filter in to color it. When dry, shape into a coffee filter rose.This would make a nice flower to use in craft vases and cones.

Woven Paper Plate Flowers

Kids need paper plates and yarn to make woven paper plate flowers for Mom.

Flower Pot and Seeds

Give a decorated flower pot with a matching decorated seed packet.

Daffodil Photo Magnet

Cut down yellow plastic cups, making petal shapes out of the sides. Add a photo to the center to finish your daffodil photo magnet.

Tile with Flowers

To make a pretty tile with flowers, kids can use china markers to draw flowers and write a special message for Mom on a white tile.

More Mothers Day Crafts for Kids

Fingerprint Cards

There are ideas for several designs kids can make with their fingerprints and paint on Mother’s Day cards.

Mother’s Day Handprint Board

Craft this Mother’s Day handprint board as a wonderful keepsake of your children or grandchildren.

Flower Mother’s Day Magnets

Make flower Mother’s Day magnets using flower embellishments. It would be easy to make a lot for all the Moms you know.

Bookmark for Mom

Dad and the kids can have fun with photos for this special bookmark for Mom. She will love it!

Mother’s Day Keepsake Gift

Help your youngster make this wonderful Mother’s Day keepsake gift with photo for all the Moms and Grandmas who love him/her.

Sparkling Sun Catcher

Craft a sparkling sun catcher using beading wire and beads. Pretty and colorful.

Recipe Holder

Kids can make a recipe holder for Mom with a terra cotta pot, a clothespin, and some silk flowers.

Paper Bag Book

Use 3 paper lunch bags to make a paper bag book with pockets to hide special notes or hold coupons for Mom to redeem.

Floral Trinket Box

Paint a wood or paper mache box and decorate with flowers after the paint dries. It will be a perfect trinket box for Mom.

Tin Full of Sweets

Decorate a tin can with paper or paint and embellish with flowers, buttons and ribbon. Fill with Mom or Grandma’s favorite candy to make a tin full of sweets.

Cookie Bouquet

With assorted cookies and gum drops, kids can make flowers on skewers for a cookie bouquet for Mom.

Garden Stepping Stones

Kids will need an adult’s help to make a garden stepping stone that has their hand and footprint in it.

Lots of Mother’s Day Gift Crafts for Kids

This link has lots of Mother’s Day gifts and kids’ projects.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Several ideas for inexpensive Mothers Day gifts.

Have fun helping your kids make these special Mothers Day crafts for kids.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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  1. So many great ideas! Not sure which one I’ll do Saturday with the kiddies for Grandma and Nanny!

  2. These are all great, my little girl will love these! I like that eyeglass holder because then I can just hang it next to my bed. Pinning, thanks!

  3. What adorable ideas!

  4. Very cute ideas! I love that you dont need a house full of supplies to do them. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

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  6. So many cute ideas! I know my daughter would love to make the eyeglass holder for her own glasses :-)

  7. What a great round up of crafty fun for the little ones. The lollipop bouquet is about to be one of our projects for the week. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. So many great ideas! I love the pot holder as eye glass holder idea! Hand made gifts are the very best!

  9. you always share the best round ups!! love all your ideas and we are all thankful you take the time to gather these diy’s in the same spot for us!

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