Money Gift Holders

You can use creative Money Gift Holders for a unique way to present a gift of cash or a gift card.

Your gift of money will be especially appreciated when it comes interestingly wrapped.

Try one of these great money gift holder ideas.

See Creative Gift Card Wraps for other ways to present money.

Soda Bottle Gift Wrap

A soda bottle gift wrap is a fun way to give gifts to kids or teens.

Soda Bottle Gift Wrap

Soda Bottle Gift Wrap

Envelope Gift Bags

There are many small envelope gift bags here that would be perfect for money,a gift card, or other small gift.

envelope bagalopes

Envelope Gift Bags

They are quick and easy to make and can be decorated with almost anything: cut out photos, magazine pages, gift wrap pieces, flowers, buttons, bows and much more.

Envelope flap gift bags

Small Gift Bags

Jewelry or Money Pouch

My daughter and I came up with this fun easy idea to make a jewelry pouch. You could hot glue an embellishment to the front.

Or another idea I had for it was to make the pouch a piece of “jewelry” by attaching a ribbon to it to make it a necklace.

You would want to stitch the sides, or put 2 or 3 eyelets along the edge, or glue it to make it sturdy. Then you could fold a $5 bill, or other money amount, very small and crease the edges to slip it into the pouch.

Santa Hat Purse

A fun seasonal gift to give, this Santa hat purse will make everyone smile.

This would make a fun gift wrap idea for cash or a gift card.

Soda Bottle

Cut a slit in a water or soda bottle, slide in a gift card or money, and fill with shredded paper and/or confetti.

Money Shirt and Tie

Make a money shirt and tie with dollar bills – or any other garment and any other denomination of bills.

Money or Gift Card Holders for Men

Great money gift holders for Men are this Home Depot (or Lowes, if you like) shopping bag or a briefcase to hold money for your favorite guy!

Teen Money Holder

Scroll down to see this clever Teen Money wallet that can be made from a recycled plastic bag from your teen’s favorite store! Fill it with lots of small bills to give it an impressive look!

Fun Money Wrap Ideas

Use washcloths to make these fun money wrap ideas: birthday cake, cup of coffee or bowl of fresh vegetables.

Bird House

Wouldn’t this bird house be a great place to hide cash or a gift card to give? And it will make a cute tree ornament, too.

Reindeer Pouch

Very cute felt reindeer pouch that could hold a gift card or folded money.

Felt Money Bear

Make this cute felt money bear with a pocket to hold a cash gift.

Felt Purse

Small felt purse for holding gift card or folded money.

Felt Angel Pocket

Felt angel pocket is easy to make and can hold cash or gift card.

More fun money gift holders.

Felt Christmas Slippahs

Felt Christmas slippahs are a fun way to present some money.

House of Money

For a House of Money make or find a large picture of a house. Make pockets on the back to stuff with money, so that it shows through the windows and doors on the front.

Money Bags

Tiny little fabric money bags to sew – with dollar signs ($) stitched on them.

Candy Coins

Use a Christmas striped paper to wrap a roll of coins to look like a roll of Lifesavers.

Money Surprise Ball

Instead of gifts, put some coins in the middle and wrap folded or flat dollar bills among the layers of wrappings to make a money surprise ball.

Money Ball

Pin bills all over a styrofoam and top with a big bow to make a money ball.

Fabric Stocking

Stitch this fabric stocking to hide some cash.

Money in a Can

Use this clever idea to make money in a can, buy making a string of money instead, to put in the can.

Matchbox Wraps

Several really clever money gift holders ideas are to wrap matchboxes to hold a cash gift.

Money Soap

Put folded paper money inside a bar of soap you make. You have to use the money soap to get to the money!

Apron Gift Card Holder

You could roll or fold dollar bills to slip into the pocket of this apron gift card holder. Make a carpenter’s apron for a man.

Snowman Pouch

This cute snowman pouch can easily hold a gift of cash. And perhaps a candy cane or small ornament, too.

Santa Money Holder

Santa money holder could have a small envelope with folded cash inside. Or Santa could be made a little larger and hold a larger envelope.

Ornament Money Holder

I love this ornament money holder.. especially the color! It is reusable, too, or hang it on your Christmas tree.

The Dollar Nut

Carefully open a walnut and empty out the contents. Add money and glue halves back together. But, do be sure the recipient has no nut allergies before using it.

IPod Money Holder

For an IPod money holder, use any small box or tin and decorate to look like an Ipod. Put your cash or gift card inside.

Stitched Pouches

Stitched pouches or tags with pockets can hold cash or gift cards.

10 Creative Ways to Give Money to a Teen

Here are 10 creative ways to give money to a teen .. and most could be used for other people, as well.

Creative money gift holders are always appreciated by the recipient.


Noreen Doll

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