Milk Jug Flag

By Noreen Doll.

A milk jug flag is a fun and easy Patriotic craft for kids to make. And after they’re finished, the kids can wave them in celebration.

Crafty Journal - Milk Jug Flag

A craft table can be set up for kids, with milk jug panels for the kids to cut out, or with flags, flowers, and fans already cut out, waiting to be decorated.

You can get 6 flags out of one milk jug if you experiment a little with how you lay them on the jug. And if you don’t mind that the flag part doesn’t lay perfectly flat.

Because of the size of these flags, you can only put 7 stripes on them, and one large star in the blue area.

Milk Jug Flag

However, you could use the one large flat side of the jug to make a larger flag without the stick or flag pole.

This would be a great idea to help kids learn the flags of the world. They could make a new flag for each different country.

And since they are small, they could easily be stored.


Milk Jug


Sharpies or other Permanent Markers


Paper Towel

How to make a Milk Jug Flag.

1. Remove the label and wash the milk jug. Let dry.

2. Draw a flag with a stick handle on the milk jug.

Crafty Journal - Milk Jug Flag

I just drew it free hand, but you could make a pattern if you need to.

To fit the flag on the jug, I drew it in the reverse of how I wanted it, so to use it I just turned it over and colored the other side.

3. Cut out the flag.

Crafty Journal - Milk Jug Flag

4. Turn the flag so that the blue will be in the upper left corner.

Crafty Journal - Milk Jug Flag

Draw a blue line where the blue will be.

5. Draw a star in the center of the blue area with the blue marker.

Then fill in the blue area outside the star, and to where the blue edge is.

6. Draw a red stripe across the top of the flag and another one across the bottom of the flag.

Add 2 more red stripes between the first 2, trying to make the red and white stripes about the same width.


Doing the white star is tricky, and it would be easier for kids if they could color in all of the blue area and then add a white paper or foam sticker to the center of the blue area after it dries.


© Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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  1. Hi! this is cute! I’ve cut letters out of jugs before, and different plastics. Nice up cycle!

  2. Unbelievable what you can do with a milk jug, Noreen!! Have a great week. Linda

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