Little Girls Jewelry

Use these easy ideas for making little girls jewelry.

Little girls love to wear jewelry, whether it’s their own or their Mother’s borrowed finery.

You can make Shrinky charms for bracelets, necklaces, or earrings in any shape your little girl would love.

stretchy shrinky bracelet

Stretchy Shrinky Bracelet


Use coloring books, cards, or find printable graphics on line for ideas.

Here are some other little girls jewelry projects.



Magic Stone Necklace

Using a beautiful stone your little girl has found, wire wrap it to make a magic stone necklace she will love wearing.

Tiny Doll Necklace

Every little girl would love a tiny doll necklace made with an Altoid tin and holding a tiny peg doll and her friends.

Peg Doll Necklace

Paint peg doll blanks and add screw eyes to the top to put a ribbon through, when you make a peg doll necklace.

Alice in Wonderland Necklace

Glue a picture of Alice to a plastic fragment and add a jewelry hook to make an Alice in Wonderland necklace. Or add a picture of anything you like.



Curtain Ring Bracelet

Wrap a curtain ring with ribbon and decorate with flowers to make a curtain ring bracelet.

Button Crazy Bracelet

Cut paper towel cardboard rolls into bracelets and glue on felt flowers and buttons to make a button crazy bracelet.

Clear Button Bracelets

Make clear button bracelets by adhering punched circles of pictures to clear buttons, then attach to elastic.

Kids Felt Cuff

Cut a piece of felt to fit your child’s wrist, and add ribbons, buttons, flowers, beads and more to make a kids felt cuff.

Rhinestone Bracelets – from Shoelaces

Craft rhinestone bracelets from shoelaces by cutting a fashion shoelace and adding rhinestones.

Corsage Wristlet

Pleat a ribbon and stitch it to another ribbon and add a flower embellishment to create a corsage wristlet.


Little Girls Jewelry Pins

Stacked Felt Pin

A stacked felt pin is an easy to make pin that has felt layers stitched together with a button.

Fuzzy Bear Pin

Use pompoms and tiny beads to make this fuzzy bear pin. Make it in brown or black and use it year around.



Button Rings

Scroll down to find button rings made with hair elastics and colorful buttons.

Felt Button Ring

To make a felt button ring, sew two or three buttons to a felt band that is stitched in a circle.

Pipecleaner Flower Ring

A pipecleaner flower ring is quickly made by twisting several pipecleaners.

Flower Ribbon Ring

To craft a flower ribbon ring, cut circles from satin polyester and embellish with jewel or beads before adding to hair elastic.


Other Little Girls Jewelry

Tiny Ballet Slipper Charms

Stitch tiny ballet slipper charms of felt scraps and tiny crystal beads. Sew by hand or machine.


Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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