Kindergarden Graduation Crafts

Create easy kindergarden graduation crafts.

Many kindergartens and preschools now have graduation ceremonies when the children move on to elementary school.

Use these clever ideas for making a fun festive time the youngsters will remember.

Kindergarden graduation gifts and celebration ideas.

Mini Graduation Cap

Craft a mini graduation cap with an egg carton cup and a 4 or 5 inch cardboard square. Paint it the school colors.

Graduation Caps

Create kids graduation caps with black foam core and poster board.

Fruit Loop Graduation Cap

Craft a graduation cap with a plastic bowl, a piece of card stock, and strings of Fruit Loops for the tassel.

Kindergarten Graduation Celebration Ideas

Try some of these fun kindergarten graduation celebration ideas for your little one.

More kid graduation party ideas fun.

Graduation Craft Fun

Fun ideas for graduation crafts for kids.

Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation gift ideas for young kids.

Graduation Treat Pops

Fun graduation treat pops for kindergarden.

Push Pop Graduation Cap

Make graduation caps for Push Pops.

Graduation Pretzel Pencils

Make fun pretzel pencils for graduating kindergarteners.

Printable Graduation Sign

Use this easy printable graduation sign.


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