Kids Easter Bunny Crafts

Kids Easter bunny crafts are a fun easy way to entertain children and would make great school party crafts.

Help your kids have fun making these easy kids Easter bunny crafts.

Paper Plate Pop Up Bunny

Glue fluffy cotton balls to make a furry Paper Plate Pop Up Bunny.

Easy Paper Plate Pop Up Bunny by Crafty Journal

Paper Plate Pop Up Bunny


Bunny Hop Finger Puppet

Make a quick Bunny Hop Finger Puppet with craft foam.

Bunny Hop Finger Puppet - Crafty Journal

Bunny Hop Finger Puppet

Peep Pops

Cover Peep bunnies with chocolate and roll them in sprinkles to make Peep Pops.

Peep Pops -Crafty Journal

Peep Pops

Tiny Bunny Hat Pin

With a tiny straw hat, pompoms, wiggly eyes, and felt, you can quickly craft a bunny hat pin.

Peek -A-Boo Bunny Tags

Craft cute peek-a-boo bunny tags with card stock. The ears fold down over the eyes to pay peek-a-boo.

Funny Bunny – Envelope Treat Bag

Seal an envelope and cut ears in one end. Add features to the face and you have a small bunny treat bag.

Little Bunny Bucket

Use a small metal pail, craft foam, pompom, cotton balls and pipe cleaners to make a quick little bunny bucket. Adults should help if using a glue gun.

Plastic Egg Bunny

With craft foam, pompoms, pipe cleaners and google eyes, kids can create a cute plastic egg bunny.

Plastic Egg Bunny

Create a plastic egg bunny with an egg, construction paper, and pom palms.

Bunny Bookmark

Create a craft foam bunny bookmark with craft foam, pompoms, and wiggly eyes.

Bunny Bracelet

Use craft foam and colored paper clips to make a bunny bracelet. Make them for your friends.

Pony Bead Bunny

Kids can make a pony bead bunny for a cell phone or zipper dangle.

Bunny Pencil Topper

Craft this bunny pencil topper using fake fur, white felt and google eyes. Twirl the pencil between your hands and the bunny gets fluffier.

Bunny Pocket Pal

With a craft stick, craft foam pieces and pompoms, kids can create this cute bunny pocket pal.

PomPom Bunny

Kids can easily craft this pompom bunny that also uses felt scraps.

Cotton Ball Bunny

Print and cut out bunny template and glue cotton balls all over it. Add eyes and nose and write a name on a carrot for a bunny place card.

Chenille Bunny On a Stick

Use white chenille and a craft stick to make this fuzzy chenille bunny on a stick.

Bunny Napkin Rings

Cut a paper towel tube short and add felt ears, eyes, nose and teeth to make bunny napkin rings.

Bunny Napkin Rings

Paper towel tubes and construction paper are used to make bunny napkin rings.

Origami Bunny

Fold an easy origami bunny with a square piece of paper.

Paper Plate Easter Bunny

Glue cotton balls all over the bottom of a paper plate and add pipecleaner and pompom features, and craft foam or cardstock ears to make an easy paper plate Easter bunny.

Paper Bunny

Use the template to make a paper bunny and punch tiny holes around the outside edge. Make a paper stand to set it in.

Have fun with these kids Easter bunny crafts.


Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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