Kids Craft Tips

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Using these great kids craft tips will help you and your kids have more fun crafting, with less clean up afterwards.

Shower Curtain Idea.

Use an old shower curtain – or buy one for $1 at the Dollar Store – for a crafting surface.

Lay it on the table, the floor, the back porch, or in your yard and you won’t have to worry about spills or messes.

When the project is finished, the shower curtain can be quickly and easily hosed or wiped off.

Cover Your Child.

Put an old adult size, button front shirt backwards on your child and button it in the back.

Cut head and arm holes in an old pillow case and slip it over the child’s head.

You can also remove most of the child’s clothes to keep him clean while he or she creates.

Clean Them Up.

Fill a plastic dish pan or pail with soapy water. Add a few things such as: a funnel, measuring cups or spoons, a baster, whisk or beaters.

Let the child have fun playing in the soapy water and he or she will have fun and get clean at the same time.

Prepare Ahead.

Make sure you have everything handy that you will need for the project and that you have read through the instructions, so you will have no surprises.

If you need to cut out parts that would be difficult for your child to cut, do it ahead of time.

Recycle Paint Cups.

Use recycled yogurt cups or sour cream containers to hold paints or glue.

When your child is finished with his project you can snap on the lid to save the paint, or dispose of it with a minimum of mess.

Disposable Paint Brush.

A Q-tip can be a disposable paintbrush. Use a different one for each color and throw them away when finished.

They work great for magic coloring books and for water colors, too.

Let Them Do It.

Try not to guide your young artist too much, but let her create in her own way. Children can produce some amazing art!

Noreen Doll

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