Kids Christmas Craft

If you are looking for a kids Christmas craft, you will find a nice variety here.

Some of these projects are made with recycled materials, but all will bring great results.

Check for more ideas on the Preschool Christmas Crafts page.

Enjoy these great kids Christmas craft ideas.

Poseable Gingerbread Man

A great class craft or to make for younger siblings is this Poseable Gingerbread Man.

Poseable Gingerbread Man by Crafty Journal

Poseable Gingerbread Man

Peek a Boo Santa

A Peek a boo Santa is another great gift for older kids to make for younger ones.

Peek a Boo Santa by Crafty Journal

Peek a Boo Santa

Snowflake Candle

Attach stickers to a battery operated candle to make a pretty Snowflake Candle.

Crafty Journal - Snowflake Candle

Snowflake Candle

Scrunched Paper Candy Cane

Scrunch up lots of red and white tissue paper squares to make a pretty Scrunched Paper Candy Cane.

Scrunched Paper Candy Cane by Crafty Journal

Scrunched Paper Candy Cane

Danish Heart Basket

Here’s a fun place for youngsters to learn, and do craft ideas for kids. Try the Danish heart basket for an ornament to hang on your tree – and it can hold a little treat.

Perfect 5-Pointed Star in One Snip

How can you resist showing off how easy it is to make a perfect star with a few folds and one snip!

Toilet Paper Tube Star

Recycle this star from a tube cut into strips, glued together, painted and glittered.

Paper Poinsettias

Easy fold and cut instructions to make this poinsettia. Make a bunch!

Snowflake Candy

Use white gumdrops and marshmallows to make this easy (and edible) snowflake candy.

Snowman Pin

Cute snowman pin made with a cork and finger from a knit glove.

Snowman Photo Frame

Easy photo frame for kids to make with craft foam and some trim. If made small enough it could be used for an ornament.

Snowflake Coasters

Glue craft sticks together, paint blue and paint or stamp snowflakes on them to make these easy snowflake coasters.

PomPom Santa

This fun and easy Santa is made with a pompom and wood bead. Add a bit of felt and beard fluff and he’s ready to sit on the table.

Potato Chip Can Santa

Made with a pringles can, felt and cotton balls Santa may require a bit of help from an adult. He’ll look great when finished.

Napkin Ring Charms

These napkin rings can be used all during the month of December, and then used every year. They require a small charm, beads, and wire.

Merry Chris-Moose

Make this cute Merry Chris-Moose on a clothespin with pompoms. You could give it reindeer antlers instead of moose antlers.

Tootsie Pop Reindeer

This reindeer needs a pipe cleaner, jingle bell, and wiggly eyes.

Reindeer Candy Cane Holders

Make a reindeer’s head with craft foam and put a candy cane through slits for the mouth.

Reindeer Pin or Magnet

Brown and white felt, brown pipe cleaners and a few other craft items will make this felt reindeer pin. Preschoolers could make it if the felt parts were pre-cut.

Paper Bag Reindeer

This easy paper bag reindeer also uses brown card stock and a red pompom. Great kid project.

Wooden Spoon Rudolph

Wooden spoon Rudolph will also need brown paint and a scrap of brown craft foam.

Christmas Spoons

Use plastic spoons, felt, paint and pompoms to make these Christmas spoons.

Easy Christmas Tree Skirt

If you have Christmas cookie cutters, you can quickly trace them for Christmas shapes to make this tree skirt.

Cardboard Tube Christmas Wreath

An easy wreath, it is almost all recycled materials: cardboard tubes, cardboard cereal or shoe box, newspaper, and paint.

Holly Wreath

Print and color these holly leaves, or make some from craft foam – then glue them around the rim of a green paper plate to make your holly wreath.

You can buy a green plate or color a white one. Glue red pompoms where the berries are.

Stick Wreath

Make this stick wreath with craft sticks, green paint and red beads or sequins.

Paper Christmas Tree

Four different sizes of circles are made into cones and stacked to make a tree shape. Feather the edges with scissors to make this paper Christmas tree.

Mini Tinsel Tree

Get your tinsel pipe cleaners to make this mini tinsel tree, and decorate it with tiny decorations.


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