Kids Christmas Craft Ornaments

By Noreen Doll.

Kids Christmas craft ornaments are a gift grandparents enjoy receiving.

Keep holiday craft items handy for those moments when your child is bored and needs to be busy.

With these Christmas craft ornaments ideas, your kids will be ready to create.

Make it a tradition to spend a day or two during the holiday season to make kids Christmas craft ornaments with your children. You will create memories for your youngsters, as well as for yourself.

Nail Punched Ornaments

Make these clever nail punched ornaments using cardboard (cereal boxes), nails and a hammer.

You can make any shape or design you want.. and then use paint or markers to color it.

Santa Ornament

This Santa requires styrofoam balls, a bit of quilt batting and some red felt.

Stick Santa

Paint and decorate a popsicle to make this neat stick Santa.

Clay Pot Elf

Make this clay pot elf with a wood bead, paint and green felt. If you want a small elf to hang on your tree, use a small pot.

Elf Jingle Bell

Make an elf jingle bell with bells, craft foam and wiggly eyes. Use it for a necklace or ornament.

Elf Boy Ornament

Paint a glass ornament and add fun foam details to make this elf boy ornament.

For a girl elf, give her yarn hair before adding the hat. You could also use a large bead instead of the glass ornament.

Mischievous Elf

This mischievous elf is made with tiny clay pots, tiny spools and pipe cleaners.

You could use a large spool for the body, a wood bead head, and pony beads for the arms and legs.

Bead Elves

Easy elves use beads and pipe cleaners (chenille stems), plus a bit of felt for their hats and scarves.

Stick Star

A clever star that requires only twigs and twine or string to tie them.

Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes

Use white pipe cleaners to make these easy pipe cleaner snowflakes.

Glittered Wood Snowflake

Cover a purchased wooden snowflake with gesso and glitter. It turns out just as shiny as any kid could ask for, and it’s very easy to do.


A few white pipe cleaners and some white beads are all you need to make this quick ornament.

Sparkling Snowflake

Easy snowflake to put together with pipe cleaners and various beads.

Pony Bead Snowflake

Kids can make this snowflake with pony beads and satin cord.

Beaded Snow Flake Pendant

Crystal beads make this snow flake pendant sparkle. Made with beads and bead nylon or wire string, it can be an ornament or a pendant.

Snowflake Tree Ornament

Snowflake tree ornament is made with craft foam snowflakes and white beads – and is shaped like a tree.

You can buy a package of various sizes of craft foam snowflakes, so you won’t have to cut out a bunch.

Rolled Felt Snowman

Felt and a pipe cleaner are needed for this quick to make guy.


Kids could make this snowball – and would enjoy adding glitter to make it sparkle.

Snowman Ball

Kids can create this snowman ball easily and could use a plastic or styrofoam ball in place of the glass. It also needs pom poms and a pipe cleaner.

Faux Snowball

Kids will love making these snowballs with joint compound and styrofoam balls. They look like the real thing! Make several sizes, and after they harden, you can make snowman with them. Or just make a snowman head with face to hang on your tree.

Be sure to expect a mess from this craft – so use kids craft tips to help minimize it. Clean up outside, as it would be best not to let the joint compound go down the drains.


Make an icicle in a jiffy with beads and a pipe cleaner.

Glittery Foil Icicles

Use aluminum foil, clear glue, and glitter to make these easy glittery foil icicles. Add an ornament hook to the top to hang.

Glittery Toothpick STars

Cute and simple, use toothpicks, glue and glitter to make easy glittery toothpick stars.

Cinnamon Stick Reindeer Ornaments

Great classroom gift that your kids can help you make when you creat cinnamon stick reindeer ornaments using pipe cleaners for antlers.

Reindeer Ornament

This easy reindeer ornament is made with felt and pipecleaners. You could make him out of craft foam instead of felt.

Felt Reindeer

This easy felt reindeer will need to be glued and stuffed.

Puzzle Piece Reindeer Ornament

Paint puzzle pieces brown and add wiggly eyes and pipe cleaner antlers for this cute reindeer.

Teddy Bear Walnut

A cute teddy bear that uses half a walnut and pompoms, he is not for nut allergy people.

Colorful Balls

Squeeze acrylic paint into clear glass or plastic balls and swirl around – easy to do and great results. Add glitter for sparkle.

Recycled Jointed Paper Doll

Save your cereal and cracker boxes to make these clever jointed characters to hang on your Christmas tree – or to play with!

Wire Wreath Ornament

This wire wreath ornament is as easy as coiling green wire around a pencil and shaping it into a round wreath. Add bells or a bow.

Pom Pom Holly Berry Leaf Ornament

With green felt, red pom poms and ribbon kids can quickly make this pom pom holly berry leaf ornament.

God’s Eyes

This easy to make ornament can use twigs or dowels for the base – or for a teeny one, you could use toothpicks. Wrap the dowels in different colored yarns for a Mexican style ornament.

Gingerbread Hearts

Glue or stitch 2 felt heart shapes together around the edges. Stuff lightly and glue on trim and decorations. These could also be made out of brown paper bags cut in other shapes.

Felt Stockings

Quickly sew around felt stockings and then decorate.

Legos Christmas Ornaments

Lego fans will like these ornaments that can be made from pieces already on hand. These are pdf files and take a few seconds to load.

Lego Santa

Lego Snowman

Lego Red Ball

Lego Blue and Yellow Ball

Lego Christmas Ornaments

Use one of the Lego figures for an ornament, or create one from the Lego pieces. The Lego figure key chains make perfect ornaments.

Fun Lego Ornaments

More fun Lego ornaments to make, including some Star Wars ones.

Craft Stick Angel

Craft sticks and felt are needed for this angel ornament.

Fabric Ball

Poke squares of fabric into a styrofoam ball.

Lots of Kids Christmas Ornament Ideas

This link is a teacher’s page, where she has many easy ideas for kids to try.

Enjoy making kids Christmas craft ornaments, and look on other pages for more great kids holiday crafts.


©Noreen Doll

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