Kids Art Sets

Kids art sets give youngsters the opportunity to let their imaginations work.

Using paints, crayons, chalk and colored pencils allows kids to try out all kinds of art ideas.

Some of these kids art sets would be perfect for travel, or to use when visiting people who have nothing to occupy kids.

Buy fat crayons or colored pencils for very young children so they can create without easily breaking them. Or make the creative alphabet crayons below using old broken crayons.

Apron or Art Smock

Create an apron or art smock with crayon slots, using a placemat.

Dish Towel Art Apron

Turn up the bottom of a dish towel to stitch slots for holding crayons and other art supplies. To finish the dish towel art apron, sew a neck strap and back fasteners.

Alphabet Crayons

Fill a silicone alphabet mold with broken crayon pieces and melt them in the microwave to make alphabet crayons. Great for party favors and classroom parties. Ask the teacher to save the broken crayons for you.

Glue Stick Crayons and Crayon Belt

Save your old glue sticks to fill with melted wax from broken crayons and create glue stick crayons. Then make an easy crayon belt to hold them.

Magic Wand Crayon

Use a mold with a place for pretzels to stick into the shape area. Melt the crayons and stick sharpened colored pencils into the pretzel slot. Refrigerate to cool and snap out the pencil/crayon. Trim excess wax from pencil. Presto.. a magic wand crayon!

More kids art sets to keep your kids happily occupied.

Budding Artist Gift Roll

Use some old jeans or sturdy fabric to make a budding artist gift roll that will hold a small sketch book and a box of colored pencils.

Colored Pencil Case

This quick and easy no-sew colored pencil case, made with craft foam and colored duct tape, will be ready to use in a jiffy.

Crayon Wallet

Make this crayon wallet with a few pockets for fat crayons for tots, or make it longer with more pockets for older kids.

Homemade Finger Paints

Heat soap flakes and laundry starch in a saucepan, then add vegetable coloring to make homemade finger paints.

Homemade Window Paint

To make homemade window paint, mix baby wash and powdered tempera paint in ketchup containers and shake. After your young artist is finished with the window, hose him/her down – along with the window. Good way to clean your windows!

Glitter Playdough

Glitter playdough is much more fun than the plain stuff! You need flour, salt water, cream of tartar and cooking oil. Then add food coloring and glitter.

Homemade Stickers

Let your kids make their own stickers. Give them old magazines and catalogs to look through and cut out. Then paint a gelatin mix on the back and let dry. You have homemade stickers.

Make Your Own Rubber Stamps

To make your own rubber stamps use a cuticle remover to cut around shapes drawn on rubber erasers.

Homemade Stamps

To make homemade stamps, cut a foam meat tray into shapes or buy craft foam shapes to glue on small pieces of wood or old dominoes for stamping.

Sidewalk Chalk

Make your own sidewalk chalk using Plaster of Paris, water, and powdered Tempera paint. Mold in paper towel tubes cut short and lined with waxed paper, or paper or plastic cups. Long narrow boxes such as toothpaste comes in could also be lined with waxed paper and used as a mold.


Not exactly an art material, slime (made with white glue, water, borax and food coloring) is a LOT of fun to play with!

Silver Tray Chalkboard

For a silver tray chalkboard, paint a “silver” tray from Dollar Tree with chalkboard paint. Add a box of chalk and an eraser (or scrap cloth sewn to make an eraser) for a fun gift.

Enjoy creating these fun kids art sets.


Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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