Jewelry Gift Ideas

Good tutorials for jewelry gift ideas make creating them easy. Here are a few unusual jewelry gift ideas.

Here’s a clever tool to help you fasten a bracelet without help. All you need is a piece of wire and pliers to shape it.

Bracelet Fastener Tutorial

Bracelet Fastening Tool

Bracelet Fastening Tool

Almost everyone wears jewelry now. Even men and kids like to wear it.

Find some great projects and learn how to make your own jewelry and gifts for others.

Wire Wrap Rings Tutorial

Wire Wrap Rings

Wire Wrap Rings

These very easy wire wrap rings can be made from any metal. Teens can make them for all their friends!

Hemp Bracelets Tutorial

Use a simple crochet chain stitch and some beads to make fun, fashionable hemp bracelets.

How to Make a Pendant

Learn how to make simple designs like these to create special pendants.

Designing Jewelry From Vintage Items

Designing Jewelry from Vintage Items

Jewelry from Vintage Items

Here are some great ideas for finding vintage items to make creative vintage jewelry.

Glass Tile Pendants

Easy tutorial for glass tile pendants. You could make a bunch of them at one time.

Beaded Eyeglass Chain

Here’s a nice idea for a beaded eyeglass chain. Use glass or seed beads on a bead cord to make an attractive chain.

Flower Hair Pins

With silk or velvet flowers, pearl beads and dimensonal glitter paint, you make these pretty flower hair pins.

Shrinky Dink Flowers & Leaves

Nice idea for a Shrinky Dink flowers & leaves necklace for the Mom or woman in your life. You could make them into earrings, too.

Resin Pendants

The creator says these resin pendants are easy to make and give great results.

Tile Pendants

To make tile pendants, you need scrabble tiles, Mod Podge, Diamond Glaze and jewelry bails. Add a small picture, pattern, or even a photo that you like.

Lanvin Inspired Bracelet

Create this interesting Lanvin inspired bracelet using pearl beads and ribbon. Pearls used are not real pearls, but it is an interesting effect.

Style Stone Bracelets

Rubber stamp your own designs on these style stones to make a unique style stone bracelet.

Jane Austen Bracelet

For a Regency or Jane Austen fan, this Jane Austen bracelet is perfect! Use photos of the characters in the movie versions of her stories.

You could make a bracelet for a Mom or Grandmother using photos of her children or grandchildren.

Forged Foil Jewelry

Make this interesting forged foil jewelry with aluminum foil and Alene’s Original Tacky Glue.

It’s amazing what you can make with her products.

Noreen Doll

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