How to Tie a Tiny Bow

By Noreen Doll.

Here’s a quick and easy way to tie a tiny bow.


To tie this bow all you need is a length of narrow ribbon, twine, or string.

For this bow I used 1/8 inch wide ribbon.

I did the photos with twine because the ribbon wouldn’t lay properly for the camera to photograph.


1. Make 2 loops with about 2 inches or so of twine or ribbon between them.


2. Lay 1 loop across the top of the other loop.


3. Put the tip of the top loop around, under the bottom loop and bring it up through the circle that is formed.


4. Gently pull the two loops away from each other.


5. Shorten and tighten the 2 loops until the bow is how you want it.


With this easy way to tie a tiny bow, you can make dozens quickly for many projects or tiny packages.

© Noreen Doll

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