How to Blow an Egg

By Noreen Doll.

There are lots of Easter crafts that need a blown egg shell.

Basket of Blown Eggs - Crafty Journal

Try this easy way to blow an egg.

How to Blow Out an Egg by Crafty Journal



Fork or Pin



Egg Carton to Hold Blown Eggs

How to Blow an Egg.

1. To prepare the eggs for blowing, first wash the egg in soapy water and rinse it.

How to Blow an Egg - Crafty Journal

Pat it dry with a paper towel.

2. Then make a hole in each end of the egg that is about 1/4 inch in diameter.

How to Blow an Egg - Crafty Journal

I use  a fork that has small tines, and gently tap one of the tines against the egg until it makes a hole. Then I break away tiny pieces of the shell until the hole is as large as I want it.

3. After you’ve made the holes, insert a toothpick to gently break up the yolk so it will more easily fit through the hole.

How to Blow an Egg - Crafty Journal

If you are concerned about cleanliness, you can even wipe the end of the egg with alcohol before you blow it.

4. Holding the egg over a bowl, gently blow into the hole in one end to make the contents of the egg exit the other end into the bowl.

How to Blow an Egg - Crafty Journal

5. Holding a finger over one end of the shell, fill the egg about half full of water and shake it well to remove any residue inside the shell. Rinse the shell.

Gently wipe the outside of the shell to remove any egg white that may be on it, as dried egg white prevents the shell from absorbing color.

And if you’re wearing chapstick or lip gloss, you’ll want to be sure there is no residue left on the eggs.

If you need to blow a lot of eggs all at once, the insides can be used in pumpkin pie, scrambled, or in other baked goods.

How to Blow an Egg - Crafty Journal

I start saving blown eggs in January whenever I bake cookies, or cake, make scrambled eggs, or anything that does not require whole eggs. Recycle egg cartons to hold empty egg shells until you want to use them.

Easter Egg Bouquet - Crafty Journal

Easter Egg Bouquet


Easter Egg Necklace - Crafty Journal

Easter Egg Necklace

By the time Easter arrives and we’re ready to dye eggs, we have enough for everyone to color several of them. And there are plenty of eggs for us to release our creative energy on.

We’ve had some of our decorated eggs for years.


You can use a pin or small nail to make the holes, but make sure they are perfectly clean if you plan to use the contents of the egg.

You can make tiny holes in the egg, but they are very difficult to remove the inside of the egg through.

Be sure your eggs are completely clean before you try to blow them.

You can use a straw to blow the contents out of the egg, but I find a straw awkward to use.

How to Blow an Egg - Crafty Journal

You can cover the holes in the eggs with a sticker, or glue on a button or piece of colored tissue paper. Or just leave them as is – which is what I usually do.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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  1. I picked you out at a party — Adventures with Jude. I can always pick your posts, Noreen. Interesting. Take care and hope your weekend is well. Linda

  2. This is great, I wanted to do this last year and couldn’t find a good tutorial.
    Stampin’ Up! Scotland

  3. Excellent tips! I always have a difficult time blowing out eggs, hoping your tips will help make it a little easier. Thanks!

  4. I just make the holes a little larger so the insides will come out more easily. I used to make the holes really tiny and it was just too hard to get the contents out. (And I crushed a few eggs trying to use a too small hole.)

  5. this is so very helpful! Thanks so much for the quick how-to! btw – your finished results are awesome!

  6. This post makes me laugh because for YEARS, my elementary school would try to have us make things out of blown eggs, but we could never blow them, no matter what we did! We would try everything to loosen the yolk and make it easier to come out, but we never succeeded. Every time i hear about blown eggs, my cheeks hurt from the memory of trying so hard to blow them out!

  7. This is awesome!
    Thanks for sharing the idea.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  8. Wow! i always wondered how to empty the inside of an egg without breaking it. i am not great in the kitchen so i just resorted to coloring it with food coloring and eating it afterwards,
    Thanks for the great tip!
    Passing by from the Inspire us thursday.

  9. Great post and tutorial for this! :)

  10. When I was in grade school the teacher brought in ostrich eggs for each of us and we blew the yolks out and decorated them. So fun for Easter. Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


  11. Used your tips today, made 4 blown eggs and breakfast burritos!

  12. I have never done this before, it makes me nervous. Walmart carries dyeable plastic eggs now. Thanks for linking up to FridayFrenzy

  13. I haven’t done this in ages.

  14. I will have to try this again. It seems easier than what I did years ago. Great idea to save the eggs as time passes.

  15. I will have to give this a try. I have seen it but have never attempted it. You make it look pretty easy. I’m sure I will end up with a bunch of broken eggs 😉

  16. Jann Olson says:

    I’ve done this before, but it’s been a long time. Thanks for sharing these great tips with SYC.

  17. How fun and easy! Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty – the door opens tonight @ midnight EST! We hope to see you then. :)


  18. Thank you for the tutorial, and for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party this week! I’ve never been good at this, but you’ve inspired me to give it another try!

  19. Such a simple technique and so useful in Easter crafts. Popping by from The Really Crafty Link up

  20. Great instructions! I haven’t done that in a lot of years. I kind of forgot about it. Thanks for linking up to Tips and Tricks. Hope to see you again this week.

  21. Thanks! With our large supply of eggs, I need all the ideas I can get! :)

  22. I always thought this was a harder task to complete than this. Thank you for this detailed tutorial. I like your crafts too.

  23. Great tutorial!

  24. Great tips and what a cute necklace! Thanks for linking up to Merry Monday! Pinned & Sharing on Twitter! Have a great week!

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