Homemade Graduation Gifts

Homemade graduation gifts are a personal way to let a graduate know how much he or she is loved.

You can make a unique gift that is personalized for the recipient.

If you stitch a gift, you can choose a fabric that is meaningful to the person receiving it, or monogram it, or use the school colors.

Dollar Bill Graduation Cap

Fold a fun easy Dollar Bill Graduation Cap as a gift or for table favors.

Dollar Bill Graduation Cap by Crafty Journal

Dollar Bill Graduation Cap


Grungy Grad Jewelry

Jewelry with the class year on it is a great gift – especially if given at the beginning of the Senior year so it can be worn during the year.  There are several ideas for grungy grad jewelry here.

Grungy Graduation Year Jewelry

Grungy Grad Jewelry

Adjustable Class Ring

Create a simple adjustable class ring with the date of graduation.

Adjustable Class Ring by Rena Klingenberg

Adjustable Class Ring


Dollar Bill Gift Box

Dollar Bill Gift Box

Origami Dollar Bill Gift Box

An origami dollar bill gift box is a fun way to give a grad a gift of money.

Dollar Bill Wallet

Create an easy dollar bill wallet by folding two dollar bills.

Dollar Bill Wallet - Crafty Journal

Dollar Bill Wallet


Creative Ways to Give Graduation Money

There are several unique ideas here for creative ways to give graduation money.

Money Graduation Lei

Gather dollar bills in the center and tie with curling ribbon and attach them all to a ribbon large enough to make a money graduation lei. Add candy in between the money.

Candy Graduation Lei

Fashion an easy candy graduation lei with candy, saran wrap and ribbon, for the new graduate to wear.

Graduation Cap Card/Gift Card Holder

Craft an easy graduation cap card that has a pocket for a gift card or money.

Graduation Cap Gift Card/Money Holder

Make a graduation cap card that has a place to hold a gift card or money.

Tech Toys

Gifts that can be used with cameras, cell phones, iPods, iPads and other electronic Tech toys.

Graduation Goodie Can

Decorate a clear gallon can with school colors, and fill with treats. Include money or a gift card in your graduation goodie can.

If the grad is college bound, fill with items he/she can use in a dorm or apartment.

Graduation Can Wrap Printable

Print a graduation can wrap for a guy and attach it to a pull tab can. Add a gift card or cash to the can before re-attaching the bottom.

Graduation Can Wrap Printable for a female.

Class of **** Washer Necklace

Make a class necklace. Stamp the class year on one washer and the grad’s name on a smaller washer and hang them together on a ribbon or cord. Nice idea.

Graduation Cap Gift Box

Quickly make a graduation cap gift box with a paper mache box and cardstock. Vary the size of the box to the size of your gift. Paint black or in school colors.

Grad Cap Boxes

Create these grad cap boxes to use as a way to give a gift card or money to the new grad. Fold the money to fit inside the box.

Graduation Memory Box

Mod Podge a special graduation memory box to hold the special mementos from this important day.

Dry Erase Frame

Craft an easy dry erase frame using a regular picture frame with glass. It will be handy in a dorm or an apartment.

Graduation Souvenir Journal

Make a graduation souvenir journal for the graduate to commemorate his/her graduation. Slip a gift card or cash inside.

Graduation Mini-Book

Make a graduation mini-book for the new graduate to preserve memories of his/her graduation.

Gifts for the Graduate

Teen gift ideas have lots of ideas that can be used for graduates

Thrifty Fun Homemade Graduation Gift Ideas

Thriftyfun.com has several pages of ideas. Here are a few:

Graduation Gift Ideas

Thrifty Graduation Gifts

Thrifty Gifts for High School Seniors

Gift Ideas for High School Graduation

High School Graduation Gift Ideas

Enjoy making creative homemade graduation gifts.

College Bound Homemade Graduation Gifts

College Survival Kit Ideas for Grads Going to College

Here are several good ideas for college survival kits to put together for high school grads who will be going on to college.

Small Tool Kit

My niece received a tool kit as a graduation gift, which she took to college with her. She told me how useful that tool kit was, and that several of her friends borrowed her tools, too.

You could get a plastic shoebox at the dollar store, and fill it with a hammer, wrench, pliers, screwdrivers, duct tape, a ball of twine, glue, and perhaps a container of various sizes of nails and screws.

Target and Walmart carry pre-made tool kits if you don’t want to assemble it yourself.

Fleece Blanket, Lap Rug, or Scarf in School Colors

Make a quick and easy fleece blanket, lap rug, fleece scarf, or other nice warm fleece gift in school colors.

Laundry Sack

For a graduate going away to college, a laundry sack filled with detergent, fabric softener or dryer sheets, and a roll of quarters for the washer and dryer is a useful gift idea.

Graduation Towel Cake

Create a graduation towel cake with a bath towel, hand towel, washcloth, popcorn and other useful items. It’s sure to please!

Graduation Gift Ideas

These are not all homemade graduation gift ideas, but as we all know, graduates tend to need money.

Most of these ideas would help a graduate getting set up on his own, or one going off to college – who will need many of these items, too.

These gifts would help the graduate save money, or are clever ways to wrap a gift card or cash. Either money or gift card could be slipped into most of these gifts.

A heartfelt note accompanying any of these gifts would let the recipient know he is well appreciated.

*Wallet or Money Clip with money.

*Gift Card

*Phone Card

*Computer Flash Drive or Memory Stick

*Luggage or Duffle Bag

*Backpack or Briefcase

*iPad Cozy

*Fleece blanket or lap robe

*Tool Set or Tool Box with basic tools, duct tape, glue, and twine



*Sandwich Press – can also be used to make pancakes, heat pizza and warm waffles.

*Electric Skillet could be used instead of sandwich press


*Coffee Maker


*First Aid Kit – Make one yourself.

*Sewing Kit – add 2 or 3 needles in a felt folder, and thread in common colors: black, white, tan. Finish with a small pair of scissors.

*DVD Player



*Handmade Cookbook with easy recipes & family recipes

*Towels with Name or Initials added

*Address Book with addresses and phone numbers of family and friends.

*Desk Accessories



Enjoy these great homemade graduation gifts ideas.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal


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