Homemade Gifts for Kids – Girls

Homemade gifts for kids – girls are fun to make. Just be sure it’s pink or purple, and your present will be loved.

Little girls love to play with and wear their Mom’s jewelry, so they are sure to appreciate having jewelry of their own.

Try to use unbreakable items with no sharp edges when creating presents, and particularly jewelry for very young ladies.

Dolls, kitchen utensils and play foods, and dress-up clothes are all great gift ideas for young girls.

It is as much fun making little girls presents as it is giving them.

Enjoy all these creative homemade gifts for kids – girls.

Homemade Jewelry for Little Girls

Little Girls Hair Accessories

Pipe Cleaner Princess Tiara

Add some pretty “jewels” to these pipecleaners and you will have a beautiful princess tiara.

Fairy Crown

Stitch 2 cheap head bands together and tie on some flowing tulle and ribbon to make a fairy crown.

Princess or Fairy Crown

Create a wonderful princess or fairy crown with 2 pipe cleaners, flowers and ribbons. No glue needed.

Fairy Tale Crown

With a flexible chopping mat, ribbon, and artificial flowers you can make this very nice fairy tale crown.

Princess Tiara

Wrap white ribbon and beaded Christmas tree trim around a white headband to make a sparkly princess tiara.

Fast and Easy Tutu

Here’s a fast and easy tutu to make for a little girl.

And here’s a quick method for cutting the tulle for a tutu.

Fairy Wand

Glue a styrofoam ball to a dowel and hot glue flowers all over the ball to mae a fun fairy wand. Very easy, and sure to be loved.

Fairy Princess Ribbon Wand

Every little girl needs to have a fairy princess ribbon wand to work her magic.

Fairy Flower Wand

Craft a fairy flower wand with artificial flowers and a dowel to delight a little girl.

Magic Wand

With a dowel or stick and a tinsel garland you can make a sparkly magic wand.

Vintage Wall Paper Wands

Create vintage wall paper wands. Cover a paper mache star with wall paper or decorative paper and embellish it with flowers and glittery things. Add a dowel for the handle and ribbons.

Fairytale Wand

Dress – Up Fairy Wand – Made with ribbons.

Princess Wand

Dress-Up Box Wands

Butterfly Wand

Another butterfly wand.

Ribbon Ring

What fun to wave this ribbon ring and watch the ribbons ripple and flow. Very easy to make.

Fairy Wings

With panty hose, wire hangers, and this tutorial you can make crafty fairy wings.

Fairy Wings.

Fairy Wings.

Make Ballet Slppers

A princess will need these ballet slippers that you can make, to complete her outfit.

Other Ideas For Homemade Gifts for Kids – Girls

Fairy Clothespin Dolls

What little girl wouldn’t love these fairy clothespin dolls.. and see how easy they are to make: paint, glitter, felt and pompoms.

Princess Clothespin Dolls

Your little girl can create her own fairy tales with these princess clothespin dolls and the fairy clothespin dolls above.

More Clothespin Dolls

Look here for more fun clothespin dolls to make.


Ruffled Socks

Create ruffled socks for little girls with ribbons and a pair of socks. Make some to match all her outfits.

Enjoy making homemade gifts for kids – girls.


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