Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Most people don’t have time for long projects. These easy homemade Christmas ornaments go together quickly and look great.

Youngsters can help make many of these tree decorations, and they will love making their own homemade Christmas ornaments.

Make a family time to create some of these homemade decorations together.

Christmas Angel Crafts

Santa Claus

Light Bulb Santa

You will just need paint and the light bulb for Santa. Try the textured paint for his hair and beard. Use a white pom pom on top of his hat.

Glass Ball Santa

This easy Santa can be made with a glass or plastic ball and white loopy chenille.

Snowmen and Snowflakes

Jingle Bell Snowman

You will need a craft foam marshmallow and a jingle bell for this cheery guy.

Cute Snowman and Reindeer Ornaments

Roll small pieces of felt to make these cute reindeer ornaments, and decorate with scraps. Hats are tips cut from the fingers of gloves.

Felt Snowman Ornament

Smores Ornament

This snowmanneeds white clay and fun foam to be super cute! Kids will like making the snowballs for his head and body.

Smores Snowman

All this snowman needs is some craft foam scraps and two foam marshmallow shapes. Wires make his arms. You could use fleece scraps to make him a hat and scarf.

Felt Snowmen

Two very cute, quick to stitch felt snowmen.

Wax Snowflakes

Use snowflake cookie cutters to cut shapes in honeycomb wax.

Bell Ornaments

Christmas Bell Ornaments

A bell snowman or elf that could easily become ornaments.

Jingle Bell Buns

These unusual German Christmas ornaments will need small bells, round doll heads and candle cups. A little paint, and you are finished.

Jingle Bell Wreath Ornament

Find colored bells to string on wire for this jingle bell wreath.

Twine Bell

Wrap twine around a lightbulb to get a twine bell shape. Add a jingle bell clapper.


Cute, Cute Walnut Christmas Mice

Make these darling mouse ornaments from nut shells and felt scraps. (Not for those with nut allergies!)

Angel Cat Pompoms

Fluffy pompom angel kittens will make everyone smile. They require lots of pompoms and a bit of ribbon for the wings.

Frog Christmas Ornament

You will need a glass or plastic ball, some glittery pipe cleaners and glitter pompoms to complete this cute frog.

Golfing Gopher

Great ornament for a golfer, this uses a golf ball, pompoms, and craft scraps. Easy and quick to make.

Artwork Butterfly Ornaments

Make these wonderful artwork butterfly ornaments using your kids’ artwork. Paint and glitter the clothespin before adding.

Grandparents and aunts will love these!

Delightful Friends

These reindeer and snowman, made from C7 Christmas bulbs and pipe cleaners, could easily be made into ornaments instead of pins.

Other Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Ornaments from Kid’s Art

Making ornaments from kid’s art is a clever way to preserve your kid’s art, and to share it with family. You need white cotton fabric, stuffing and ribbon or string. Cute idea.

Antique Music Rosette

Use a page from an old music book and a scrapbook embellishment to make this quick antique music rosette ornament.

Paper Clay Ornaments

Use paper scraps to make this paper pulp to use for paper clay ornaments.

Ribbon Spool Wreath Ornament

Who would think a ribbon spool could look so pretty! Use paper strips, ribbon, buttons, and other pretty embellishments to make a ribbon spool wreath ornament.

Cute Button Ornaments

Get out your button box or buy a bag of mixed clolored buttons to make these cute button ornaments.

Felt Ornaments

Felt ornaments stitched from fabric and felt scraps.

Figgy Pudding Ornaments

These nice vintage ornaments are made with ball shaped boxes – just painted and glittered.

Drum Ornaments

Use small wooden boxes, ribbon and glue to make drum ornaments.

Dress Up An Ornament

To dress up an ornament, thread a short piece of wide ribbon thru the ornament hanger to look like a bow. Nice effect.

Glittery Balls

Pour Future floor finish into a clear glass ball. Dump the excess back into the bottle and add glitter to the ball for these glittery balls.

Glass Ball Christmas Ornaments

Lots of ideas for different things to fill Christmas glass balls with.

Enjoy creating these homemade Christmas ornaments.


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