Holly Jolly Notepads

By Noreen Doll.

Holly jolly notepads are perfect as a small gift for a friend or co-worker, and because of their size would be wonderful stocking stuffers.

Plan to make a bunch of them at once and they will go together quickly.

Your kids may like to make some with you, so they can give some to their friends.

Christmas notepads would also make great party favors for Christmas or classroom parties. Or have the group make notepads as part of their party activity.

Save cereal and cracker boxes to make the covers, and use computer printing paper for the inside pages.

Check the Dollar Spot in Target well before Christmas for packs of Christmas scrapbooking paper.

Or buy a small pad of Christmas scrapbooking paper at the craft store when they have it on sale for 50% off. Or use a 40% off coupon.

You can cover a lot of holly jolly notepads with even a small pack of decorative paper.

What You Need

Scrapbooking Paper in Christmas Colors

Cereal or Cracker Boxes, or other light weight cardboard

Twist Ties, Ribbon, Twine, Pipe Cleaners, or Colored wire to Fasten the Notepad Together

Stickers or other Embellishments for the Cover

Paper Cutter


Glue Stick

What You Do

1. Carefully pull the box apart where the edges meet and cut off the flaps.

2. Mark off 2 inch x 3 inch rectangles with a ruler and pencil, using only the flat pieces of the box. Cut the rectangles out.

A paper cutter will make quick work of cutting them.

3. Cut strips from the scrapbooking paper that are wide enough to fit the covers.

Or use paper scraps that are slightly larger than the rectangles, for ease of gluing.

4. Cover the entire surface of the colored side of each small rectangle with glue, and place it glue side down on the WRONG side of the scrapbooking paper.

Press firmly around the edges and over the entire surface of the cover to make sure it is firmly attached.

5. Only the colored side of the cardboard needs to be covered as the inside is either brown or gray and looks fine as is.

6. Trim off excess paper from the back side of the cover.

7. Using computer printing paper, cut lots of 2 inch x 3 inch rectangles for the inside pages of your holly jolly notepads.

I used about 24 pages in the notepads, but more or less could be used.

8. Punch 2 holes in the top of each cover and the inside pages, about equally distant from each other and the edges.

Be sure you have the covers right side up before you punch the holes.

9. Stack the holly jolly notepad together starting with the front cover, and then thread the twist tie, yarn, ribbon, pipe cleaner, or twine through the holes to hold everything in place.

Tie the yarn, etc, loosely to allow the pages to move easily.

Tie the ends together with a bow or square knot, or twist the wire ends together.

10. Trim the front cover with Christmas stickers or embellishments.


Use up your Christmas scrapbooking paper scraps by making a collage on the front cover of the Christmas notepads.

Use double sided tape to attach scrapbooking paper to the covers.

Precut and pre-punch the cover and pages and use twist ties or pipe cleaners to assemble them, and even preschoolers can create holly jolly notepads.

Some of my Christmas notepads were put together with my Bind It All.

2 or 3 holes may be punched across the top of the pads, and twine or ribbon added in each hole.

To help the ribbon or twine thread more easily, you can punch larger holes.

Or coat the ends of the ribbon or twine with a small amount of glue, twist them tightly and let dry. The ends will then be stiff enough to thread through the holes easily.

Haunting Halloween Notepads Tutorial

haunting halloween notepads

Haunting Halloween Notepads

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal


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  1. What a sweet idea! I was thinking you could use last year’s Christmas cards as covers as well. Thanks for sharing – I found you at the Just Winging It Linky party. :-)

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  5. What a great idea! They would make great teacher gifts or stocking stuffers at Christmas. Thanks for sharing.
    Donna @onceuponasewingmachine.com

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    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

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    These are perfect to keep the little ones busy at the holiday dinners this year! I’m making these for sure :) Thanks so much. Can’t wait to see what you make this week! Have a wonderful rest of the week :)

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