Holiday Photo Gifts

Holiday photo gifts are the most popular kind of photo gift ideas, and ones that are easiest for kids to make

We all have photo ornaments that have been made by our kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews. As the years go by and the kids grow up, these ornaments become particularly special.

Ornaments make the perfect holiday photo gifts, and here are some creative ideas to get you started.

Here are more Christmas Photo Ornament Crafts.

Easy Frame Ornaments

Buy mini photo frames (Dollar Stores often have them) and add a photo to make easy frame ornaments. Glue a ribbon to the back for hanging, and you’re quickly finished.

Bottle Cap Ornaments

Recycle bottle caps and soda cans to make these fun recycled bottle cap ornaments.

Bottle Cap Photo Ornament

Use vintage or recent photos to create bottle cap photo ornaments.

Bottle Cap and Scrabble Tile Photo Ornaments

Create bottle cap and scrabble tile photo ornaments by gluing photos to the inside of the cap or the top of the tile.

Snowflake Photo Ornaments

Paint and glitter wooden snowflakes before adding photos to make snowflake photo ornaments.

Heirloom Ornament

Mod Podge a photo to a wooden disk and add trim around the edge to craft an heirloom ornament.

Stuffed Ornaments

Print photos onto printable fabric, cut out, stitch and stuff to make clever stuffed photo ornaments.

Transparent Photo Ornament

Roll the photo up and insert it into a clear glass ball ornament to craft a transparent photo ornament.

Heart Photo Ornament

Use a strip of photos to create this heart shaped Heart Photo Ornament.

Photo Strip Ornament

Make several strips of a single ornament or several ornaments, and then follow instructions to make a simple photo strip ornament ball.

Tissue Box Photo Ornament

Follow the instructions to make a tissue box photo ornament (or use cracker or cereal boxes) that can be hung on a Christmas tree

Altered Ribbon Spool Photo Ornament

Create a cute altered ribbon spool photo ornament by recycling a ribbon spool.

Metal Jar Lid Photo Ornament

Decorate the outside of a lid and attach a photo to the inside to make a metal jar lid photo ornament.

Snowglobe Holiday Ornaments

Use tiny glass bottles, glitter and a photo to make snowglobe holiday ornaments.

Cookie Cutter Photo Ornament

To create a cookie cutter photo ornament, glue a photo to cardboard and then cut to just fit inside the cookie cutter you are using. Hang with a festive ribbon.

Photo Strip Garland

Laminate photos and then string together with rings to make a photo strip garland to wrap around your Christmas tree.

Regency Silhouette Christmas Ornament

Silhouettes are very popular right now and easy to make. Here’s an idea for a Regency silhouette Christmas ornament made with fabric and felt.


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