Hanging Heart Ornament

By Noreen Doll.

Use up smaller pieces of paper to create a hanging heart ornament that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. And you can make it any size you like.


This very easy heart ornament can be made by both kids and adults.

All you need to make it is paper, glue or double sided tape, a bit of ribbon, scissors, and a heart pattern.

After the ornament is finished, you can fold it flat and put it in an envelope to send to someone you love.

You can even write a sweet message on one or more of the hearts.

This would be a fun Valentine from grandma to a grandchild, or for a grandchild to make for grandma.

What You Need

Paper in several coordinating colors, or all one color

Ribbon, a small piece to match the paper

Glue or Double Sided Tape



Heart Pattern

What You Do

1. Choose your paper. You can use all one color, or use different coordinating colors like I did.

2. You will need 6 hearts all the same size to make this hanging heart ornament. Using a heart pattern, draw 6 hearts and cut them out.

3. Score down the center of each heart to make it easier to fold. Then fold all the hearts with the pattern on the inside.

4. Apply glue or double sided tape to 1/2 of one heart and attach it to one half of another heart.

5. Apply glue or tape to the second half of the second heart and attach one half of a third heart to it

6. Attach half of the fourth heart to the second half of the third heart.

See the center of the heart in the above photo to see how the hearts are attached.

Attach half of the fifth heart to the other half of the fourth heart, and half of the 6th heart to the fifth heart in the same way as you did the first three.

7. Before you attach the second half of the sixth heart to the open half of the first heart, put the two ends of the ribbon in the center and tape them down – leaving the loop sticking out at the top.

8. Then tape or glue the sixth heart to the first heart to complete the circle.

9. Not all the edges will be perfectly aligned. Use the scissors to trim the edges evenly where needed.


If you want to write a message on one or more of the hearts, do it before you attach the hearts to each other.

To bling up the hanging heart ornament, you can brush the edges of the hearts with glue and then add glitter.

To help the glitter stick better, spray a coat of clear acrylic over it after the glue and glitter has dried.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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