Halloween Crafts

Halloween crafts have become one of the most popular areas for crafting.

Making your own homemade Halloween projects is fun and the results can be much nicer than what you find in a store.

edgar allen poe shops at the dollar store

Edgar Allan Poe Shops at the Dollar Store

Free Halloween Crafts

All of the crafts ideas on this site are free. You do, of course, have to provide the materials for making them.

But if you shop holiday sales and craft sales you can save money.

And many of these crafts use recycled materials and things you already have on hand.

Easy Halloween Crafts.

These will require a small amount of supplies and a minimum amount of time to put together.

Craft Ideas For Halloween

The projects on this page require a little more time and effort than most of the other, easy craft ideas – but the results will be worth it.

Creepy Halloween Craft Ideas

If you like to go all out for Halloween and make a one-of-a-kind scene, look here for ideas.

Toddler Halloween Crafts

Lots of fun and easy toddler Halloween crafts.

Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers

Young children also love to craft, and many Halloween projects can be found here.

Older kids will be able to use and alter some of these ideas for Halloween projects, as well.

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Older kids like to craft, too, and you will find many easy projects on this page.

Some of these crafts may be adaptable for preschoolers also.

Halloween Jewelry

Fun clever ideas for making your own Halloween Jewelry.

Kids Easy Halloween Treats

Easy and fun Kids Halloween Treats to make.

Homemade Halloween Treats

Let your kids help make these easy Homemade Halloween Treats.

Halloween Treats Containers

For lots of clever and fun to make Halloween treats containers, check out these ideas.

Halloween Countdown Calendar

Here are some Halloween countdown calendar ideas to help youngsters count down the days until Halloween.

Halloween Wreaths

Several ideas for different kinds of Halloween wreaths from cute to creepy are here.

Pumpkin Crafts

Pumpkins crafts and Jack-o-Lanterns can be found on this page.

You can find ideas for making them from all kinds of materials, and tutorials from easy to difficult.

Pumpkin Topiary

A pumpkin topiary makes a perfect Halloween centerpiece, and you will find several ideas here.

More Pumpkin Crafts


Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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  1. Martha Scherer says:

    I am looking for a flying ghost made from white garbage bag flying on a stick

  2. These are the only ghosts on this site that fit that description. Perhaps you can combine the ideas to get what you are looking for. Good luck.



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