Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers

Finding Halloween crafts for preschoolers that are fun, but not too challenging can be difficult.

Young children love to do crafts, but frequently don’t have the small motor skills to do intricate projects.

There are several Halloween crafts for preschoolers here that will produce great results without frustrating your young crafter.

Preschool Pumpkin Crafts are here.

Milk Jug Ghost

This easy Milk Jug Ghost can be made while recycling a clean empty milk jug.

Milk Jug Ghost

Milk Jug Ghost

Ghost Finger Puppet from a Milk Jug

Use a milk jug to make this easy ghost finger puppet for Halloween playtime fun.

Crafty Journal - Ghost Finger Puppet from a Milk Jug

Ghost Finger Puppet from a Milk Jug

Trash Bag Ghost

This Trash Bag Ghost is fast fun and easy for even the very young preschooler. And it can be made from things you already have at hand.

Crafty Journal - Trash Bag Ghost

Trash Bag Ghost

Ghostly Milk Jugs

Let your kids help you draw spooky faces with Sharpies on recycled milk jugs. Add lights for a great ghostly milk jugs.

Wax Paper Ghosts

Wax paper, glue and wiggly eyes make these easy wax paper ghosts.

Boo Bag Treats

A very simple ghost treat bag idea made from a white plastic bag or grocery bag.

Ghost Boo Bags

Round off the top of a white paper bag and add wiggly eyes to make ghost boo bags. Or your youngster could draw a face with a black marker.

Coffee Filter Ghost

Shape coffee filters over aluminum foil balls, add a face and string to hang – for this fun coffee filter ghost.

Marshmallow Ghosts

Very quick and easy, these marshmallow ghosts are drawn with a marker.

Mod Podge Monsters

Use recycled plastic bottles, cheese cloth and Mod Podge to make these Mod Podge monsters that kids LOVE to make!

Stamped Paper Chain

Stamp Halloween pictures on paper strips to make this fun, easy stamped paper chain.

Bat Halloween crafts for preschoolers.

Pet Vampire Bat Bracelet

What kid wouldn’t love his own Pet Vampire Bat Bracelet!

Pet Vampire Bat Bracelet by Crafty Journal

Pet Vampire Bat Bracelet

Bat Finger Puppet

A black foam vegetable tray can be made into a fun Bat Finger Puppet.

Crafty Journal - Bat Finger Puppet

Bat Finger Puppet

Five Little Bats Finger Puppets

Craft foam and wiggly eyes are all these five little bats finger puppets need. Stitch the bat to the finger ring with thread – or you could use craft foam glue.

Kid’s Bats

Kids can make cute bats with black construction paper, white crayons, and google eyes.

Paper Plate Vampire Bat

With a couple of paper plates, you can create this Vampire Bat.

Crafty Journal - Paper Plate Vampire Bat

Paper Plate Vampire Bat

Paper Bag Vampire Bat

Stuff a paper bag with newspaper and paint it black. Use construction paper to finish your vampire bats Halloween crafts for preschoolers.

Bat Necklace

This bat necklace uses black craft foam and a satin cord for the necklace.

Kids can make cute bats with black construction paper, white crayons, and google eyes.

Spider Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers.

Easy Spider Snack

This spider snack is quick to make with round crackers, peanut butter (cream cheese for peanut allergy kids), chinese noodles and raisin eyes.


Styro Balls and chenille stems make these great spiders. Use larger or smaller balls to change their size.

Spider Jewelry

Preschoolers will love having spider bracelet and earrings to wear.

A string can be threaded through each of two of the spiders and tied in a ring, for tots to loop over their ears for earrings.

Foam Ball Spiders

Preschoolers will like making these fun spiders with a foam ball pipe cleaners and felt scraps.

Paper Plate Spider

There are no directions for this paper plate spider, but it is easy to see how it is done. Cute treat holder idea.

Spider in a Box

Glitter glue and black paper are used to make this easy spider in a box.

Painted Rock Spider

This durable spider, made with a painted rock and chenille sticks will be perfect in your yard.

More Fun Halloween Projects

Halloween Finger Puppets

Make these delightful Halloween finger puppets with pom poms and pipe cleaners.

And more Halloween finger puppets.

Pipe Cleaner Skeleton

A Styrofoam ball and a couple of pipecleaners will make this easy, easy skeleton.

Skeleton Hands

Scroll down and enjoy lots of Halloween ideas, until you find skeleton hands. Trace your child’s hand on black paper and use dog bone shaped treats to stamp the finger bones.


Cute fun mummy that needs craft sticks and torn fabric strips.

Mummy Craft Sticks

Wrap craft sticks with gauze or cheese cloth to make these easy mummy craft sticks.

Mummy Head

For this easy mummy head, wrap a styrofoam ball with gauze tape or cheese cloth and add wiggly eyes.

Plastic Plate Ghoulies

Make these cute plastic plate ghoulies with bits of craft foam and dimensional paint.

Wooden Spoon Cat Puppet

Paint a spoon black and add wiggly eyes and a black ribbon tail to make this easy wooden spoon cat puppet.

Halloween Matching Game

Fun way for kids to pass the time waiting for Halloween – just print off this Halloween Matching game and cut out.

Monster Matching Game

To make a monster matching game, this tutorial uses a Cricut for the monsters, but you can easily create your own – even use Halloween stickers. Make a haunted house with posterboard & lots of doors to hide matching monsters behind.

Candy Corn Votive Candle

Paint a ceramic pot to look like a candy corn and add the votive candle. Use the battery type tea light for kids.

Halloween Prints

Fun to make paint blot creations are easy for any age.

Halloween crafts for preschoolers can be made in the classroom or during a party.


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