Halloween Countdown Calendar

Waiting for an anticipated holiday to arrive can be very difficult for small children.

A Halloween countdown calendar is a perfect way to help your child see how many days are left until this spooky night.

Here are some ideas for calendars you can make, but any advent calendar idea could be adapted to make a Halloween calendar.

Printable Halloween Advent Calendar

If you don’t have much time, make this printable Halloween advent calendar that uses witches hats.

Halloween Countdown Calendar

Sew orange felt numbers on black felt pockets – which you sew onto Halloween fabric for this Halloween Countdown Calendar. Make a very cute little white ghost to move from pocket to pocket as the days go by. Very cute!

Other versions with other characters to move!

Halloween Countdown Calendar

Here’s a really cute Halloween countdown calendar to count the days to Halloween. It’s made with felt.

Halloween Countdown Calendar

Stitch a felt Halloween countdown calendar with felt pockets to hold treats.

Felt Halloween Countdown

Stitch little felt bags in Halloween colors and with Halloween designs. Add handles for hanging and your felt Halloween countdown calendar is done.

Halloween Book Countdown

Read a Halloween book a day until Halloween. If you don’t have enough, borrow a few from the library.

Halloween Countdown Tree

This clever Halloween countdown tree uses an artificial tree set in a plastic pumpkin. Numbers are on paper Halloween tags that hang on the tree.

Halloween Perpetual Calendar

I love this Halloween perpetual calendar that is made with wood blocks, and decorated in Halloween colors.

Block Halloween Countdown Calendar

Use 3 blocks to make a Halloween countdown calendar. Turn the blocks to change the numbers each day.

Halloween Countdown Tree

This project would make a great Halloween Countdown tree. You could even replace the bags with Halloween ornaments as you remove them for the treats.

Or you could put a Halloween ornament in each bag as the treat, to hang each day.

Halloween Anticipation Calendar

Very cute way to do a Halloween countdown calendar. Magnets are glued on the bottom of small boxes – painted and decorated by you. Paint a cookie sheet black for the boxes to attach to. Kids will love using it!

Another Box Halloween Countdown

Halloween Advent Calendar

Mod Podge decorative paper to a cookie sheet and create squares. Add a number and candy to each square for a Halloween advent calendar.

Halloween Countdown Calendar

Craft this Halloween countdown calendar with a non-aluminum cookie sheet, buttons and Halloween paper.

Muffin Tin Advent Calendar

Magnetic Countdown to Halloween

Craft a magnetic countdown to Halloween by stitching felt circles with numbers, and adding magnets.

Halloween Countdown Calendar

For this Halloween countdown calendar you need a cookie sheet, magnets and Halloween embellishments.

Halloween Countdown

Use decorated circles with Halloween designs on the front and magnets on the back, to make a Halloween countdown with a magnet board.

Halloween Countdown Calendar

Made with decorated envelopes in a large frame, this Halloween countdown calendar counts the last 13 days before Halloween.

Halloween Countdown Calendar

Using pre-made favor boxes which you decorate with Halloween paper, you create a stack of boxes with a small gift or candy in each one for this Halloween Countdown Calendar.

Halloween Countdown

This Halloween countdown calendar is made with patterned papers, ribbons and buttons.

31 Halloween Crafts to Countdown to Halloween

Use these 31 Halloween crafts – one each day – to countdown to Halloween.

Ghost Countdown to Halloween

Make 31 ghosts and write an activity on the back of each one. Each day choose a ghost and do that activity for this ghost countdown to Halloween.

Halloween Activities

Halloween Activity Countdown Calendar

Put numbered Halloween paper pockets on a board and slip a Halloween related activity in each one to make a Halloween Activity countdown calendar.

Halloween Calendar Countdown

Using cardboard, scrapbook paper, rickrack, and a bit of yarn this Halloween Calendar Countdown will be easily put together.

Candy Halloween Countdown

For a candy Halloween countdown, tie candy pieces in a long string and cut off a piece each day until Halloween.

Halloween Countdown Chain

This Halloween countdown chain is made as a paper chain pumpkin man. I like the idea of first writing an activity on each link, to be done when that link is removed.

Halloween Countdown Chain

This Halloween countdown chain is made with fabric loops that button, but you could use velcro instead. Or make one with Halloween designer paper.

Printable Spooky House Countdown Calendar

Print a spooky house Halloween countdown calendar with little doors to open.

Halloween Countdown

For a Halloween countdown, print a page of pumpkins and color one each day until Halloween.

Halloween Countdown Calendar

This small stand-up Halloween countdown calendar has decorated pages you flip each day until Halloween.


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