Greeting Card Gift Boxes

By Noreen Doll.

Recycle used cards into greeting card gift boxes. This is a great way to reuse your cards and make clever gift boxes at the same time.

You can’t make really large boxes because the cards aren’t large enough, but these boxes would be a perfect place for many small gifts.

Because the cards are colorful, you won’t need wrapping paper – just tie with a ribbon or add a bow and you’re done.

Find more free gift box templates for making boxes from greeting cards here.

Free Gift Box Templates

Free Gift Box Templates

Decoupaged Christmas Card Box

Cover a sturdy box with used Christmas cards, wrapping paper scraps and gift tags to make a reusable decoupaged Christmas card box for gifts.

Gift Box from an Old Greeting Card

Follow this easy tutorial to make a quick gift box from an old greeting card.

Greeting Card Gift Boxes

Use the tutorial to make nice seasonal greeting card gift boxes.

Christmas Card Boxes

Christmas card boxes are easy to create. To make this box deeper, measure a wider distance from the edge – 1 inch instead of half an inch. You need a large card if you want to make the box very deep.

Gift Box out of a Greeting Card

Here is another gift box out of a greeting card.

3 Sided Box

A 3 sided box is basically a long 3-D triangle. Roll a small gift in tissue paper, tie the ends with curling ribbon and slip it inside the box – with the ribbon ends hanging out each end of the triangle. It makes a fun, different wrap.

Pillow Box

Copy this pillow box pattern and trace it onto a gift card. Cut out, fold, and tape to finish it.

Origami Boxes

Fold greeting cards into these origami boxes. These will be fairly small boxes as they need a large piece of paper to make a box of any size. The same tutorial can be used for any kind of paper – it just has to be a square.

Gift Boxes from Greeting Cards

To make gift boxes from greeting cards, use this slightly different method of making an origami box.

Victorian Box from Old Cards

To craft a Victorian box from old cards, you will need several cards of a similar size. The instructions are for 12 cards, and you put 2 cards back to back for each side. You could use just 6 cards – using the front and back from each card. Since they will be stitched shut, the inside will not be seen.

Greeting card gift boxes are small but colorful ways to enjoy reusing your Christmas cards and other old greeting cards.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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  1. I received a gift in one of the pillow boxes recently. It’s such a simple, pretty box that looks like it came from a gift shop. I know I’ve paid for boxes that aren’t as nice.

    It’s now where I keep my paperclips and little odd and ends that I need at my desk but didn’t have a place for.

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