Gift Wrap with Recycled Christmas Cards

Gift wrap with recycled Christmas cards to use up more of your collection of cards.

Greeting Card Gift Boxes

Free Gift Box Templates

If you’ve been saving Christmas cards for several years while trying to think of ways to use them, here are some creative ways to recycle them into wrapping presents.

Give some of these great gift wrap with recycled Christmas cards a try, and enjoy reusing some of your special Christmas cards.

Easy Whip Stitched Christmas Card Box

Stitch several cards together to make an easy whip stitched Christmas card box to hold a gift, cookies or candies.

Easy Whip Stitched Christmas Card Box by Crafty Journal

Easy Whip Stitched Christmas Card Box

Decoupaged Christmas Card Box

One way to use several Christmas cards is to make a decoupaged Christmas card box. In fact, if you make 2 or 3 of these boxes you can reuse them year after year and use less wrapping paper. You can make them any size, so make some that will nest and they will be easy to store.

Greeting Card Gift Boxes

You can also make small greeting card boxes ahead of time with free gift box templates, and have them ready when you need them.

Gift Card Holder

Make an easy gift card holder from a recycled Christmas card.

Wine Bag

Make a paper wine bag and attach a colorful Christmas card to the front. You could paint or spray newspaper red or green to make the bag, or cut up a brown grocery bag for it.

Gift Bags

Use plain purchased gift bags, or make your own, or use recycled bags to make these colorful gift holders. Use festive card fronts to attach to the front of the bag, and add a coordinating gift tag cut from another card.

Creative Greetings

Cut Christmas shapes from Christmas cards and attach to a package, or make creative greetings from some to hang from the bow.

Tie-On Charms from Recycled Christmas Cards

Make these cute, fun tie-on charms from recycled Christmas cards. Add glitter, snow, bells, or ribbon to make them even more festive.

Recycle Christmas Cards into Tags

Christmas card tags.

More gift tags from Christmas cards.

Rosettes for Gift Toppers

Make colorful rosettes from gift cards or wrapping paper to decorate the top of your package.

Get your kids ideas to gift wrap with recycled Christmas cards. They will likely have some fun and unusual creations.


Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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