Flag Crafts for Kids

Kids enjoy all kinds of crafting and making flag crafts for kids encourages them to learn about Independence Day and what it means.

After they’ve created their flag crafts, kids can use them in celebrating the 4th of July, Memorial Day, or Flag Day.

Most of these flag crafts are pretty simple, and older kids can create them without much adult help. Younger kids can make them, too, with some assistance.

Look for toddler flag crafts on the Toddler 4th of July Crafts page.

Tin Can Flag Windsock

Recycle a can into a tin can flag windsock. Paint the can blue and use red and white ribbons for the streamers.

Flag Windsock

Glue colored tissue paper to a dry-cleaner’s plastic bag to make a flag windsock. Fold one edge over a loop made from a wire coat hanger and fasten to a pole.

Patriotic Wind Sock

Create a patriotic wind sock using an oatmeal box and crepe paper streamers.

Red, White and Blue

Make this special fun red, white, and blue flag using your child’s hand and footprints on card stock. It will be a real keepsake!

4th of July Heart Flag

Craft a 4th of July Heart Flag by gluing crumpled red, white and blue tissue squares onto a heart to look like the American flag.

Pencil Flag

Kids can create several pencil flags to share with friends and family, so everyone will have one to wave.

July Fourth Flag

Kids can make this cool paper July Fourth Flag fan for a hot summer day.

Foam American Flag

Use red, white and blue craft foam to create a foam American flag, and then thread a dowel through one side for a flag pole.

Folk Art Flag

A folk art flag will be easy for kids to make using popsicle sticks and paint.

Popsicle Stick Flags

More popsicle stick flags are made with painted sticks, and use rhinestones for the stars.

4th of July Flag

Fingerpaint a 4th of July flag in this clever way!

American Flag Free Paper Model

Kids can make this printable American flag free paper model, which also has a paper stand and pole.

Wearable Flag Crafts for Kids

Hand Painted Flag Shirts

Kids can have fun crafting hand painted flag shirts to wear.

Flag Shirt

Another kid painted flag shirt that is easy to do.


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