Envelope Gift Bags

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Envelope gift bags are easy to make and perfect for small gifts.

You can use any size or color and decorate it to fit the occasion.

You don’t need lots of paper crafting supplies to make an interesting and attractive gift bag. Use what you have on hand: old greeting cards, newspapers, old book pages, used or new gift wrap, construction paper, and even your kids’ art work.

Attach two or three layers of coordinating papers and designs to the front of a bag. Embellish with buttons, ribbons, flowers or other interesting decorations.

Leave plain or attach handles, using ribbon, twine, or paper strips.

It’s handy to keep a supply of both 3 x 5 envelopes and the longer business envelopes. Used greeting card envelopes can also be reused by covering any handwritten greeting with an embellishment.

If you need small gift bags often, create a supply of them ahead of time. Make them assembly line fashion and you can complete a large number in a short time. Leave them flat until you need them, and they’ll be easy to store.

Here are ideas for different kinds of fun bags you can make using an envelope.

 Tutorials for Envelope Gift Bags


Mini Gift Bags Tutorial

Mini Gift Bags

Reindeer Crimped Envelope Bag Tutorial

Crimped Envelope Bag

Basic Bagalope Tutorial

Basic Bagalope

Map Bagalope Tutorial

Map Bagalope

Envelope Basket Tutorial

Envelope Basket

Small Gift Bags Tutorial

Small Gift Bags

Small Paper Gift Bags Tutorial

Small Paper Gift Bags

Bunny Bagalope

This fun idea for holding an Easter gift is easy to craft.

Crafty Journal - Bunny Bagalope from an Envelope.

Bunny Bagalope from an Envelope

© Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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