Easy Halloween Crafts

Easy Halloween crafts can be quickly put together for a fun decoration.

In today’s busy lifestyle we often don’t have time to spend crafting for the holidays.

Here are some quick and easy Halloween crafts to get you started.

Milk Jug Ghost

Here’s a quick Halloween craft you can make with some recyclables and other items you have around your home. Go to Milk Jug Ghost.

Crafty Journal - Milk Jug Ghost

Milk Jug Ghost

Day of the Dead Wreath Tutorial

Day of the Dead Wreath

Day of the Dead Wreath

Haunting Halloween Notepads Tutorial

Haunting Halloween Notepads

Haunting Halloween Notepads

Easy to make haunting Halloween notepads can be used as favors, small gifts, or make and takes for kids.

Vampire Bat Napkin Ring Tutorial

Vampire Bat Napkin Ring

Vampire Bat Napkin Ring

Create a spooky vampire bat napkin ring for your Halloween party!

Edgar Allen Poe Topiary

Recycle a tin can and some newspaper to make an Edgar Allen Poe Topiary, topped by a raven.

Crafty Journal - Edgar Allen Poe Topiary

Edgar Allen Poe Topiary

Frankie Bath Pouf

Add a few features and hair to a green bath pouf and you have a Frankie bath pouf.

Crafty Journal - Frankie Bath Pouf

Frankie Bath Pouf

Candy Corn Bath Pouf

Stack white, orange, and yellow bath poufs on a skewer and you have a Candy Corn Bath Pouf.

Crafty Journal - Candy Corn Bath Pouf

Candy Corn Bath Pouf

Jack O Lantern Bath Pouf

Add features and a green pipe cleaner stem to an orange bath pouf and you have a Jack O Lantern.

Crafty Journal - Jack O Lantern Bath Pouf

Jack O Lantern Bath Pouf

Halloween Milk Jug Lights

A really nice Halloween idea, these milk jugs use a little paint and a string of Christmas lights.

Recycled Jar O’Lanterns

Use recycled jars to make these cute faces.

Halloween Lanterns

Easy and fun, these Halloween lanterns will make great decorations.

Homemade Face Paint

Make your own homemade face paint with this recipe from Soap-Queen.

Fake Blood

How to make edible fake blood is shown in this video.

Halloween Thaumatrope

A fun Halloween toy for kids, this Halloween Thaumatrope is easily made with crepe paper and cardboard.

Noisemaker Place Cards

Print these bats, and glue to black paper. Cut a slit for a balloon and attach the bat to a craft stick. Kids will love the sound they can make with these noisemaker place cards!

Creature Candy Dish

Print out the heads for these creatures that are made with bumpy chenille stems. Set atop the printable creature candy dish.

Halloween Coasters

Painted felt Halloween coasters look easy to do.

Trash Bag Ghost

Kids of all ages will enjoy doing this quick craft, and even very young children can help stuff your Trash Bag Ghost.

Halloween Origami

Fun origami to make for Halloween. All you need is paper.

Glow in the Dark Halloween Magnets

Make these easy glow in the dark Halloween magnets with polymer clay. Kids can make them, too.

Halloween Garland

Really great printables to make a Halloween garland. Cut out, string together and hang.

Folded Paper Hang-Ups

Colored paper and glue are all that’s needed to make these easy Halloween crafts folded paper hang-ups.

Bleeding Candles

For really easy Halloween crafts, dip red candles into white wax, and when lit they “bleed” red wax.

Paint candlesticks black to hold your bleeding candles.

Macabre Candle Holders

Macabre candle holders you make by printing creepy designs on vellum, which you wrap around your candle holder.

Forgotten Flowers

Spray silk flowers black for a perfect Halloween centerpiece of forgotten flowers.

Giant Lace Web

This web is made with black lace, but you could also use a thick black yarn or black bias tape.

Spider Web Coasters

These fun and easy Halloween crafts coasters will make your Halloween meal creepier

Spider Web Lampshade

A spider web lampshade makes an interesting addition to your Halloween decor. Use a printed acetate, or make your own web with a very fine tipped Sharpie.


Interesting spiderwebs that are made with black puff paint sprayed on a nonstick baking sheet.

Spider Pouch

A very cute idea for Halloween, this spider pouch is made with black felt, shoelaces, pipe cleaners and large wiggly eyes.

Dried Apple Shrunken Heads

Carve clever shrunken heads from apples – they look really great when dried.

Shrunken Apple Heads

Shrunken Apple Heads

Shrunken Apple Heads

Skull Candle Holder

Paint a skull candle holder with glitter paint to make this creepy Halloween prop.

Skeleton Bones

Patterns for all of the major bones of a human skeleton can be downloaded here.

Trace them onto white craft foam or large recyclable jugs, cut out and brush the edges with gray paint. Put them together with brads to make it movable.

Haunted Birdhouse

Craft this neat haunted birdhouse using a purchased birdhouse, old book pages and paint.

Haunted Forest Centerpiece

Really well done idea using black licorice, wire and candy corns to make this haunted forest centerpiece.

Halloween Village

Nice idea for a decoration, this Halloween village is made from sheet music, but you could use any kind of paper.

Tiny Tombstones

These tiny tombstones are printed on paper and glued to cardboard. You could also use them to shape styrofoam.

Tombstone Halloween Decorations

Realistic looking tombstones are easy to create following these directions  Make several for your yard!

Building Halloween Tombstones video.

Halloween Tombstones

Halloween Tombstones

More Tombstone Patterns

More tombstone patterns to give your graveyard a distinctive look. You don’t want all your tombstones to look alike!

Spooky Tree with Ghosts and Bats

The spooky tree is a dead branch you spray paint silver and hang ghosts and bats on. Ghost and bat templates included.

Candy Corn Pins and Magnets

Cute felt candy corns with wiggly eyes are quickly stitched. They could be made and glued with craft foam.

Giant Candy Corn

Paint an orange soccer cone to make a giant candy corn.

Garbage Bag Cat

For this really quick Garbage_Bag_Cat project, just grab a black yard bag and stuff with newspapers.

Follow the easy directions for details, and you are done!

Witch’s Cauldron

Kids will LOVE this project! Build a fake fire to set your witch’s cauldron on for Halloween.

Paper Witch’s Hat

This fun Witch’s Hat can be done in any size you like.

The tutorial also shows you how to make a secret compartment if you want to use it to hide Halloween favors!

Halloween Lantern

This is a slightly more intricate project, using a recycled milk jug. Kids will need some adult assistance to make this Halloween Lantern.

For safety you can use battery operated tea lights.

Mummy Pots

This fun Mummy Pot can hold candy treats, a spooky bouquet, or Halloween pencils with scary toppers.

It would make a great table decoration or a Halloween gift.

Mummy Heads

Wrap a styrofoam ball with cheesecloth strips. Fabric stiffener helps mummy heads hold the shape.

Paper Bats

Folded paper bats are easy to make. Add fangs to make vampire bats.

Batty Name Tag

Use black modeling clay and a silver pen to create this easy batty name tag. Or it could easily be made with craft foam. Punch a hole in the top to hang him.

Clothespin Vampire Bat

These interesting Vampire Bats are made with clothespins, paint and a little felt.

Halloween Paper Toys to Make

Download these free paper printables, cut out and fold to finish. Make a Halloween scene.

Make Your House Look Spooky

How to make the outside of your house look spooky without too much effort by doing these easy Halloween crafts.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these easy Halloween crafts.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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