Easy Gifts Kids Can Make

by Noreen Doll.

Unusual ideas for easy gifts kids can make for adults.

With a little help from an adult, there are lots of easy gifts kids can make for adults.

Presenting a photo frame he/she has made with the child’s own photo is always a nice idea – particularly for a parent or grandparent.

There are other good ideas for presents here, as well.

Holly Jolly Notepads Tutorial

Holly Jolly Notepads

Holly Jolly Notepads

Christmas Photo Ornaments

There are many ideas for Christmas photo ornaments here. Many of these ideas could be adapted for other occasions, or made larger to be used as a regular framed photo.

Box Full of Love

Wrap an empty box and attach this poem about how it’s a box full of love.

Terracotta Christmas Bells

Kids can paint these terracotta pots before adding a sticker or decoupaging a picture to make terracotta Christmas bells. Top with a bow to hang.

Terracotta Tea Light Holder

To make a tea light holder, paint or stamp a design on this terra cotta pot or dish. Sign and date it and finish with clear acrylic spray.

Tissue Box Picture Frame

Kids can make a tissue box picture frame by adding some glitter or stickers to the top of a decorated tissue box. Attach photo underneath so it shows through the opening.

iPod Cover

Buy a dollar store iPod Cover and customize it.

Homemade Fathers Day Gifts

Homemade Fathers Day gifts to make are a barbecue apron, picture frame, and Fathers Day cards.

Glittery Votives

To make glittery votives, paint votive jars with glitter glue. Glue a glittery garland around a chipboard coaster or sturdy cardboard cut to size, leaving room to set the votive in the middle. Add decorations to the garland.

Heart Magnet

This easy heart magnet need not be just for Valentine’s Day. Mom or Dad would enjoy looking at it any day of the year.

Glass Marble Pot

Glue glass half marbles over the outside of a terracotta flower pot to make a glass marble pot. Use all one color or make designs in color.

Ribbon Napkin Rings

Kids can decorate the paper towel tube rings before gluing a pretty ribbon around it. Make a set of ribbon napkin rings.

Papier Mache Bowl

Younger kids may need a little help with this, but after making the papier mache bowl and letting it dry, they can paint it.

Hand Warmers

To make hand warmers, use fleece or other fabric for kids to sew around the edge and fill with rice – to heat in the microwave.

Humongous list of ideas kids could make.

This humongous list of ideas kids could make should keep them busy a while. No instructions – just ideas.


Noreen Doll

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