Easy Dollar Bill Heart

By Noreen Doll.

Here’s a fun easy dollar bill heart that even kids can easily make.

Easy Dollar Bill Heart by Crafty Journal

Or it could make a fun tooth fairy gift.

Crafty Journal - Easy Dollar Bill Heart

Easy Dollar Bill Heart

It requires 2 dollar bills and staples or paper clips to hold the ends together.

You will need really crisp new bills to make this turn out well.


2 Dollar Bills

Staples or Paper Clips

How to Make an Easy Dollar Bill Heart

1. Fold the dollar bill down just at the top of George Washington’s head. Crease sharply.



2. Fold the bottom up until the edge meets the line just under the words Federal Reserve Note. Crease sharply.


Be sure the bottom part is folded under the top part.


3. Repeat with the second dollar bill.

4. Lay one dollar bill on top of the other, face to face, with both heads right side up.


5. Match the top and bottom edges, and the edges on the right side. Put a staple or paper clip just inside the white edge where it will be invisible in the green print.


Alternative: Put a small paper clip here. You will have to handle it more carefully to keep the paper clip from coming off while you work, but it’s safer with kids.


6. Curve the other ends of the dollar bills out, so that George’s face is on the outside, and bring the ends together, matching them.


7. Staple or paper clip the ends together just inside the colored area.


I found that if I held the two points together – as shown below


and pressed around the inside curves gently with one finger I could improve the heart shape.

Your dollar bill heart is ready to be given to someone you love!


If you want to make a more challenging heart, try this dollar bill heart origami.


Dollar Bill Heart Origami

Note: Do remember to be careful around young kids as your heart will have staples or paper clips attached.

And don’t forget to tell the recipient he/she needs to remove the staples before unfolding the heart.

© Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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  1. Thanks for the lesson! I’ve enjoyed both of these dollar bill origamis and am waiting to use one when my son loses a tooth! Thanks for sharing!

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