Easter Egg Crafts

Many of these Easter egg crafts can be done by kids and preschoolers.

It’s a good idea to be nearby while egg dyeing is being done to help prevent spills or consumption of the dye (by very young children).

Save egg cartons to put dyed eggs in while they dry, and to store hollow decorated eggs. They can also hold eggs while they are being decorated.

Many of the Easter egg crafts that use dyed eggs can also be done with styrofoam or plastic eggs.

It would be fun to make paper mache eggs over large balloons and use these large finished eggs to make giant versions of some of the egg creations below.

Be sure to try some of these really unusual Easter egg crafts.

Crafting With Real Eggs

How to Blow an Egg

Learn how to blow an egg so you can make lots of fun Easter egg crafts.

How to Blow an Egg - Crafty Journal

How to Blow an Egg

Easter Egg Bouquet

Create a beautiful Easter Egg Bouquet with your colored eggs and some silk flowers.

Easter Egg Bouquet - Crafty Journal

Easter Egg Bouquet

Easter Egg Necklace

After you’ve colored blown eggs, make this colorful Easter Egg Necklace.

Easter Egg Necklace - Crafty Journal

Easter Egg Necklace

How to Hollow Out Eggs

If you need a tutorial on how to remove the insides from an egg without breaking the shell, here is one.

Blow out eggs.

Trick for More Intense Easter Egg Color

Use this great trick for more intense Easter egg color, and then try her fun idea for decoupaging your colored eggs.

Decoupaged Easter Eggs

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Use these Easter egg craft ideas before you dye your eggs to get some creative results.

Eggscelent Dyed Eggs

Punch Easter designs from painter’s tape and stick to eggs before dyeing them. After the colored eggs are dry, carefully peel off the tape, leaving the white shape on the colored eggscelent dyed eggs.

Chalkboard Eggs

A fun idea for making chalkboard eggs so that you can write erasable messages or draw removable pictures on them.

How To Make an Easter Egg Glow

There must be sodioum citrate in the egg dye to make an Easter egg glow. Soak raw eggs for at least 5 minutes in dye and then let dry. Place on plate in microwave for 10 seconds. Only 1 in 3 eggs will work as it depends on the amount of albumin in the egg. DO NOT EAT THE EGGS!!

Glitter Eggs

For glitter eggs, use eggs with the insides blown out, wash and dry. Apply Mod Podge or glue and then add glitter. Dry on waxed paper for great Easter egg crafts.

You could also glitter a styrofoam egg – and then you wouldn’t have to remove the inside or worry about breaking it.

Lace Eggs

Make lace eggs. Cut lace into strips and wrap around eggs. Dye, remove lace and let dry.

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

No need to buy an Easter egg dye kit! Try some of these ideas for making naturally dyed Easter eggs.

Egg Crafts

These are some of the cutest egg crafts I’ve ever seen! Made with real blown out egg shells and dremel tool, they are extremely clever!

Fancy Feathered Friends

After dyeing blown out egg shells, craft these beautiful fancy feathered friends using an empty cardboard egg carton, feathers and paint.

Paper Easter Egg Craft

Craft Easter egg critters with dyed eggs and bits of paper.

Jeweled Eggs

Use metallic paints, beads and plastic beading wire to create these beautiful jeweled eggs.

Easter Egg Stands

Print bunny, chick and basket Easter egg stands to hold your boiled or plastic eggs.

Easter Egg Shell Candle

To make an Easter egg shell candle, dye blown egg shells, and divide in half. Fill a half with an anchoring medium that will hold a birthday candle. Pretty idea.

Eggshell Votives

Break off the top part of eggs and pour out the contents. Wash and dye and fill with hot wax to make eggshell votives.

13 Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Try some of these fun 13 creative ways to decorate Easter eggs and have some unusual eggs to display this year.

Plastic Egg Easter Egg Crafts

Hatching Chick

Create an easy Hatching Chick wit 1 egg and a pom pom.

Hatching Chick by Crafty Journal

Hatching Chick


Bunny Long Legs

Use a styrofoam egg to make a fun Bunny Long Legs.

Bunny Long Legs - Crafty Journal

Bunny Long Legs

Epsom Eggs

Coat plastic eggs with white glue and roll them in Epsom salts and let dry. Neat new way to do Epsom Easter eggs.

Fabric Easter Eggs

Craft fabric Easter eggs by using Mod Podge to cover plastic eggs.

Dragon’s Egg

Instructions for creating a dragon’s egg using a blown egg and making a design on the shell with hot glue. Paint or spray paint the egg gold, silver or rich green – then distress it. Wonderful egg idea!

I think a dragon’s egg would be larger than a hen’s egg, and for a truly magnificent one, a paper mache egg made on a balloon and then decorated as above would be perfect.

Pom Pom Rabbit in Egg

Kids can make a pom pom bunny or chick in a plastic egg. Quick and easy.

Egg Chick

Scroll down to find an egg chick made with a plastic egg and cardboard.

Polystyrene Egg Chick

Finish the plastic egg chick with craft foam, wiggly eyes, and feathers.

Easter Egg Animals

Craft super cute bunnies and chicks with plastic eggs and felt.

Herd of Eggimals

Plastic eggs are used to make a herd of eggimals with pompoms, felt and a black Sharpie.

Egg-ceptional Easter Animals

Create these easy egg-ceptional Easter animals with dyed or plastic eggs, craft foam and pipe cleaners.

Sheep Egg

Create a sheep egg by gluing cotton balls all over an egg and adding paper or felt ears and pipe cleaner legs.

Egg Lamb

Cover an egg with cotton balls and add craft foam ears and wiggly eyes to make an egg lamb.

Easter Egg Bunny

Make an Easter egg bunny with a plastic egg, craft foam, pompoms, and pipe cleaners.

Egg Duck

This silly egg duck, made with a plastic egg and craft foam, even has eyelashes!

Egg Duck

Craft an egg duck with feathers, craft foam, and a plastic egg.

Busy Barnyard Brood

These super cute chicks are made with styrofoam eggs, dowels, toothpicks, feathers and paint. Everyone needs this busy barnyard brood.

Elmo Egg

Turn a red plastic egg sideways to make a clever Elmo egg.

Easter Eggs Decor

Decorate cheap plastic eggs with designer Easter paper, a cereal box, and ribbon.

Decorating with Plastic Eggs

Clever ideas for decorating with plastic eggs involve using fishing line, plastic eggs and push pins… and hanging eggs everywhere!

Hanging Egg Planter

Recycle plastic Easter eggs into this clever hanging egg planter. Great way to start some seedlings.

Other Easter Egg Crafts

Egg Wand

Glue an egg to the top of a dowel and add pretty ribbons and bows for a neat egg wand.

Egg Shaped Sidewalk Chalk

Make egg shaped sidewalk chalk in plastic eggs using plaster of paris and tempera paint.

Don’t dispose of plaster of paris in your sink – it can harden in your pipes.

Easter Egg Potted Plants

Kids can craft these fun Easter egg potted plants with a styrofoam eggs, terraacotta pots, colored sticks and craft paint. They would make great place settings on your Easter table.

Easter Egg Pot

Use paper mache over a balloon to make this egg shaped Easter egg pot. Paint and apply decals. Use 3 wooden drawer knobs for the feet. Very nice project.

Decorate Easter Eggs

Several ideas to decorate Easter eggs, including making a large take apart paper mache egg.

3-D Paper Easter Egg

Craft an easy 3-D paper Easter egg with cardstock and a paper punch.

Paper Easter Egg Ornament

Punch or cut several oval or egg shapes. Fold each in half and attach half of each to half of another until you have a circle of them to make a paper Easter egg ornament.

Fabric Easter Egg

Stitch and stuff a fabric Easter egg.

Decoupage Egg

Cut pretty tissue paper or napkin designs to attach to your decoupage egg.

Paper Flower Easter Eggs

Buy or punch your own paper flowers and glue them all over colored wooden or paper mache eggs for colorful paper flower Easter eggs.

Decorating Easter Eggs

For decorating Easter eggs, use foam eggs, paint them with acrylic paint and let dry. Apply crackle paint or distress paint and finish with ribbons, buttons and flowers.

String Egg with Chicks Inside

Make a string egg using yarn and a water balloon. Use the egg as is, or cut the front out and make pompom chicks to set inside.

Chick Egg

Use a balloon and yellow string to make an egg shaped chick, and another balloon with variegated color string to make an egg half for the chick to sit in.

Egg Crate

Build your own egg crate from weathered wood and fill with straw to hold these pretty painted plastic eggs.

Candlestick Egg Nest

Paint a candlestick, glue a nest on top, and add your favorite egg to make a candlestick egg nest.

Enjoy making Easter egg crafts with your family or friends.


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