Easter Crafts for Kids

For fun Easter crafts for kids, give these ideas a try. They are also great projects for a classroom party.

For more Easter crafts for kids ideas, see Easter egg crafts, kids Easter bunny crafts, and kids Easter printables.


Chicks Easter Crafts for Kids


Hatching Chick

Kids can easily make this Hatching Chick with one plastic egg and a pom pom.

Hatching Chick by Crafty Journal

Hatching Chick


Rockin’ Peeps

Create Rockin’ Peeps from card stock.

Rockin' Peeps - Crafty Journal

Rockin’ Peeps

Peek a Boo Peep

Use craft foam to make a fun and easy Peek a Boo Peep.

Peek a Boo Peep - Crafty Journal

Peek a Boo Peep

Kicky Chickie Finger Puppet

Make a Kicky Chickie Finger Puppet and make him dance!

Kicky Chickie Finger Puppet - Crafty Journal

Kicky Chickie Finger Puppet.

Garland Chick

Wrap a garland around styrofoam balls to make a cute Garland Chick.

Garland Chick - Crafty Journal

Garland Chick

Dixie Chickens

Kids will love these cute dixie chickens made with paper or plastic cups, masking tape, and cardboard or construction paper.

Fluffy Chicks

Each fluffy chick only needs 1 yellow pompom, 2 black seed beads,and a pit of orange felt for the beak. cute and very easy.

PomPom Chick

Make a large yellow pompom to make this pompom chick. Wiggly eyes, a felt beak and pipe cleaners complete a very cute, giant pompom chick.

Pony Bead Chick

Make a quick, easy pony bead chick with yellow, orange, and black pony beads and satin cord. Attach it to a lanyard hook and hange it on your backpack, zipper, or cell phone.

Pipecleaner Chick

Coat an egg shaped styrofoam ball with glue and wrape a pipe cleaner around it. Add pipe cleaner feet and beak and wiggly eyes to finish the pipecleaner chick.

Standing Chick

I love this standing chick with the great big pipe cleaner feet! Make him with cardstock or cardboard and feathers.

Tabletop Chicks

Make these cute guys with felt and pipe cleaners.

Beady Babies Chicks

Craft these quick and easy beady babies with beads, pipe cleaners, and bits of feathers.

Easter Chick Bag

Kids can create an Easter chick bag with a paper lunch bag and craft foam.

Bean Bag Chick

To make a bean bag chick, cut felt pieces from pattern and glue or stitch them together and fill with poly pellets or beans.


More Easter Crafts for Kids

Paper Plate Pop Up Bunny

Glue cotton balls to make a fluffy Paper Plate Pop Up Bunny.

Easy Paper Plate Pop Up Bunny by Crafty Journal

Paper Plate Pop Up Bunny


Bunny Hop Finger Puppet

A Bunny Hop Finger Puppet would make a great classroom project. Or put the parts together in a kit for kids.

Bunny Hop Finger Puppet - Crafty Journal

Bunny Hop Finger Puppet

Bunny Long Legs

Use a styrofoam egg to make a fun Bunny Long Legs.

Bunny Long Legs - Crafty Journal

 Easter Egg Necklace

Blow the contents out of eggs, color them, and make this colorful Easter Egg Necklace.

Easter Egg Necklace - Crafty Journal

Easter Egg Necklace

Easter Basket from a Cereal Box

Kids can make their own Easter Basket from a Cereal Box.

Easter Basket from a Cereal Box - Crafty Journal

Easter Basket from a Cereal Basket

Bead Ducks and Bunnies

Little bead critters are made with beads and craft foam.

Easter Critters Napkin Rings

Craft Easter critters napkin rings with paper tubes, styrofoam balls, paints, and felt scraps. Make a bunny, chick or duck.

Mouse on a Popsicle Stick

Kids can make a pipe cleaner mouse on a popsicle stick. Create a story and use it for a puppet.

Chic Sheep

These fun chic sheep are made with a 3 inch paint roller, pony beads and black yarn.

Pig Pencil Pal

Kids can craft this easy pig pencil pal with pipe cleaners.

Easter Egg Flower Garden

To make an Easter egg flower garden, wrap toilet paper tubes with green construction paper or paint them green. Print the flower template and make several in different collars. Cut a hole in the center of flowers to fit over tube and put a colored egg on top.


Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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